Thursday, August 20, 2009

Oh Yeah!

You know it has been summer time when you all of the sudden remeber that you have a blog, but can't remember the last time you wrote on it:)

We have had a blessed summer, Hannah has turned 8, Noah has turned 7, Lily has conquered the potty, Abigail can spell her name correctly and is considerning letting me teach her...anything..., Sarah is growing way to fast for her mommy and daddy and is trying her very hardest to walk. We have so enjoyed having Luke around a little more while he takes a short but needed break from school. We have gotten to go a couple of places, have taught the kidds all kinds of new board games, and have read many a funny books this summer. Our time spent with our familiees has been priceless and even more meaningful this year. I even got to sit next to my husband during thee different church services this summer!! That was a real treat.

Summer is coming to an end now (I am so done with this heat!!) and the kids go back to school monday. I feel like we are getting this school year off to a really good start. I look forward to my kids growth this year both physical and spiritual. I think that may be the most rewarding thing about watching them grow. As they get older and can better express what they are thinking, I never cease to be amazed at how much they have already learned and figured out 'on their own' I pray that they stay n this course and that they all grow to know Jesus as their Creator and Lord and that they find ALL their value and worth in that knowledge. That they would believe, as I do, that God has created each one of them to be who they are, where they are, in the family that they are in, to live where they do, surrounded by the people that they are...for a reason...HIS GLORY; and I pray that they would daily present themselves as holy LIVIG sacrifices to Him as instruments, in His most capable hands, for HIM to use as He sees fit, knowing that that is the only way that they will truely LIVE and achieve anything.

I hope you all had wonderful summers, but if you did not...Take heart, He knows where you are, because He has been there the whole time. Whatever you are going through has a purpose...I pray that He will allow you to see the results of your faithfulness and bringg you through this time stronger and closer to Him. I also pray that we all will have a blessed year, remaining in the center of His perfect will.