Monday, March 30, 2009

Good Report

This is Emily's mom reporting in; Emily has internet problems, and asked me to give an update. She went for another CATscan several weeks ago in Greenville, and she said it was obvious that most of the fluid and hematoma were gone, but she didn't have the official results. Luke dropped off the results in Dallas at Dr. Shat's office, and she received a letter from him last week. In it he said that everything was back to normal and then added "HAVE A GREAT LIFE!". He was always one of our favorite doctors, because he is so positive and funny. He spent a lot of time with Emily, and was so encouraging. Once again, we thank the Lord for all of the excellent care which Emily received at Baylor.
Her recovery continues to be a miracle for which we praise our Lord. I must admit concern for her, however, because, while her body has healed, for the most part, from all the surgery and trauma, she is back to being a full-time mother of 5, and that is exhausting for even the most healthy mom! I know she would appreciate your continued prayers. She assures me she is being very good about not overdoing it; she is fully aware of her limitations.
Thanks again for all your support and encouragement.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Thank You For Life!

I was privileged last week to celebrate another year that God has given me. It was a very special birthday, and I can’t help but think that I have learned to appreciate every single day He gives me to watch my children grow a little bit bigger and to see them figuring new things out. I am so grateful for every hug I am able to enjoy from them and from Luke, my tangible rock, who had to endure so much this past year. I hope we can all realize that each day we are given is a day that we remain useful for God’s kingdom. I hope that even on those ‘bad’ days we can all still appreciate that life is beautiful. He was so wonderful to give us so many pleasures in life. What a gift it is to experience it with our senses, our thoughts, our emotions, and our memories. Let me encourage you to give someone a hug today and tell them that you are glad that they are here, and that you have the joy of knowing them.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Like father like daughter...

I cought Abigail preaching in the living room. I started out by just trying to get audio. I was afraid if she saw me she would quit. But she saw mw and did not. It is kind of long, but it is really cute!!

Cat Scan

I went Wednesday for a second Cat Scan for both Dr. Spak and Dr. Pearl. Considering how worried the technicians were last time, and how normal they were this time, I suposed that the results were considerably better. I have not given the disc to either Dr. Spak or, Dr. Pearl yet, but my family Dr. called me with the radiologist's results. There is still a hematoma, and there is still fluid (both of which I expected.) But they have both improved. God continues on a daily basis to give me new victories and increasing energy.