Monday, August 23, 2010


The past two weeks at my house have been buzzing with expectation. I am fortunate enough to have very social children, and therefore school has always been something they look forward to rather than dread. My third, Abigail, is starting kindergarten this year, and has been anticipating it for at least a year and a half! There has been the excitement of buying school supplies, picking out a new backpack, getting some new clothes and shoes. Abigail was even excited about getting the shots she lacked to be ready for school. We met with the teachers on Friday, and the anticipation had reached its peak by this morning. There were no tears as Luke and I dropped them of to school this morning. I even had to make Hannah and Noah come back and give me a hug! There is something inevitably exciting about a new beginning. A fresh and clean start. A year full of possibilities and successes. I assume everyone starts out with great expectations and hopes. As the mother who suddenly has three less children at home during the day, there are even 'new beginnings and horizons' for me. I can expect a slightly smoother nap time. Shopping becomes easier to manage, and the messes in my house become more contained. I found myself, the last two weeks, planning my new routine and schedule, and anticipating being more successful in my endeavours.
But, expectations can only become reality if we act in such away to bring about the result we desire. Just as my Lord's mercies are new EVERY MORNING. I want to remember my past experience, look toward my goal and press on firmly, without wavering to the right or to the left, in such a way as to receive the prize. And I take courage in the knowledge that I have n ever been expected to achieve these things on my own, but I can rely on the Holy Spirit who abides in my to give me courage and wisdom to discern my actions during the day. To remind me that Jesus has already overcome this fallen world and flatly defeated death and sin on my behalf. I can choose ever day as I wake to live a victorious day, one that I will not regret.
I pray this for myself, for Luke, and for my children. I desire to see our family live a life that in the words of Steven Curtis Chapman's song "lives out loud"!!