Saturday, January 17, 2009

One of the pros of being a P.K.

This past Sunday night we had our monthy mission meeting at church. As the good Baptists that we are, we met in the fellowship hall and had food. There is a room of to the side where the kinds can play during the meeting. Noah came up to Luke while we were eating and said: "Dad, Becca is doing ....(I can't remember)." As usual, when Noah taddles od someone Luke sent him away with a "go on son." But then Luke happened to be walking by the room just as Noah went back in and he overheard Noah say: "Becca, I told the pastor!" Ha! I thought that was priceless:)

On a more serious note, please contine to pray for my kiddos, especially the older two. I got the stomach bug that has been going around this past week and I could see the concern of Hannah's face. She asked me if I was sure I would be ok, and then she apparently had a very vivid and scary dream of me screaming and the whole ordeal happening again. It has really been hardest on her to deal with. She understood the implications of what might have been. I appreciate the prayers.

I continue to get stronger, and learned this week that a plus of this whole thing is that it has helped me deal with my obsesive dread of throwing up. I can now handle it much more gracefully.


Becky Dietz said...

So glad you continue to heal, Emily! Please fill us in on how the household is going these days? Is Luke still home with you? Or are people helping you? Have you kept the kids by yourself yet?
I'll certainly be praying for everyone. That bug is rampant here! And I'll be praying for Hannah. Bless her heart---I'm asking God to bind fear from her.

Kendra Beene said...

I love Noah's comment! I hope you are writing these things somewhere, because things that you think that you will never forget. My boys are grown and married and there are so many forgotten memories and I wish I had written more things down instead of relying on my remembering them. I am sooo glad that you are doing better and we are really looking forward to you visiting us at school. I continue to pray for strength for you and I also am praying for your children and of course Luke. Please continue to let me know of Hannah's struggles. I am kind of partial to her, if you can't tell and really want to know how she is doing at home.

I would like to ask you and your prayer warriors to pray for my friend Susan Herbert. I told Hannah on Friday that we needed another miracle like God did on your mom. Susan had a reaction to some medicine on Wed. night, had a cardiac arrest,passed out and hit her head. Long story short, she is at Baylor in CCU. God is and has performed just those miracles and if you want to read about it, we have set up a blog for
Please pray for Susan, David(her husband) and their children, Julie and Jonathan.

amy wright said...

Noah sounds pretty hilarious.
Poor Hannah. I'll be praying for her and all of the kids. She's a strong girl to have taken all of that on and trust God with the outcome. Kids amaze me.
I hope that the rest of your family stays well!!!

Brittney said...

Emily, I am still praying often for you and your family. I still praise God so much for bringing you back and I pray over the effect of all of this on everyone in your family. Thinking of you.