Monday, January 24, 2011

A pause

This picture as taken while I was in the hospital and then blown up poster size to be given to me.

Today I will take a break from my memories to share with you an essay my daughter wrote in for a writing assignment. Hannah is in fourth grade and is none years old. She still brings up this event in our lives every now and then and when asked to write about an eventful memory, this is what she chose to write. (I will write it as is without editing it at all.)

Mom's Accident

Hannah Panter

It's October 28th, tow days after Sarah was born. Usually it is calm, but today, total opposite! Mom was in bed resting, Oma was in the restroom, and my brother, sisters, and I were eating a vomitroshious supper. "Blugh!" Noah said. " "This is naa-stty!" "Yeah." Abigail agreed. "Veggies with jello don't mix." While we were sitting at the table complaining. Oma had just gotten out of the bathroom and was checking on mom. "Oh, my goodness!" She exclaimed. Mom's lips were blue! "Emily!" She raced to the kitchen where we were still complaining, and asked us, "Hannah, tell me you phone number, zip code, and address. Quick!" So while I was filling in the blanks, screams were coming from mom's room! First Oma called dad, then 911. Dad was coming in the door just as the paramedic was lowering mom on a stretcher. We all dug our heads into the cough cushions. We ran around the house praying. It was like half a month and mom hadn't come back yet. One day dad explained to us what the doctor had said to him. "Well guys, mom's heart is sort of...kinda...leaking. There's also something wrong with her lungs too. Guys, I just want you to be praying even more, because the doctors told me might even die. In fact, not even might. They said...will." The other half of the month passed by. Mom was still pretty unconscious. It was horrible!We spent another month without a mom. You wouldn't want to be me. Now I know how orphans feel. Sad. Lonely. Two more weeks past by while I was going to school with my neighbor, coming home without the usual "Hello" mom would give me, and baby saying, "Mommy?" But amazingly, we got word mom was walking! Hooray! We put up banners, made cards and even visited mom in the hospital. It was the third time mom got to hold her last baby in two months. Forty-eight days. Dad came home from the hospital that night. And mom was with him. From then on, you know, usually it's calm, but then totally opposite!


Summer said...

children see the world differently than adults. Bless her heart. May her experiences shape her for HIS glory.

Becky Dietz said...

Wow. How amazing that she remembers as much as she did! And I agree with Summer--may God use this in Hannah's life for His kingdom. I can't wait to see how He does that very thing.

Holly said...

oh my goodness girl.