Monday, May 11, 2009

High speed!!

We have had a very big week! Monday evening Hannah decided to give her heart to Jesus and will be getting babtized Sunday the 17th. Saturday, Luke graduated with his degree in biblical studies from the Criswell College and will be taking some well deserved time off. Yesterday we celebrated a wonderful and special mothers day. And to top it all off, we got high speed internet hooked up here on Friday so I can share all of that info with you in record time :).

I will now proceed to overload you with information. You have my permission to quit any time you get tired or bored.

I wanted to share some of the Panter Funniest Home Videos with you

1. Aren't You Happy?

2. A-Bi-Gail, The excited big sister...

3. Lily and the Kitten

4. Modulate

5. I Have Eyelids

Thank you God for beautiful laughter!


Becky Dietz said...

YEA for high speed internet!!!! Of course, you know, that now we're going to expect to hear from you more often! So glad you had a wonderful mother's day---I'm sure it was very meaningful to your family. I know your mom is anxious to get there to see you guys!

Holly said...

well. what a precious bit...large bit...of information!!!
Lydia and Samantha both lost it on video number 1 when Abigail growled and video number 2 when Abigail was falling - Abigail stole the show in our house tonight!

we love you guys and our girls LOVED seeing those videos of their cousins that they miss so much.

Lindsey said...

Yay for hi-speed! I think I'd be lost without it! I'm so happy for little Hannah! Praise Jesus! What a fun post this was!

amy wright said...

My boys made me play the first video over and over again. We were rolling. And Jay pointed out that the screaming, bouncing and falling was all in perfect rhythm. :)
I also love that Hannah wanted you to film her mouth. Hahaha.