Sunday, June 28, 2009

Answer Key

Good try people!!:) I think they all favor each other quite a bit...but they still have their own little looks. The answers are: A,S,A,L,A,S. Thanks for humoring me:)


Becky Dietz said...

Oh wow! Holly got it right! I just didn't think you would put up more pics of one girl than another---ha!

Holly said...

not only did I have it right I meant to post 'it's a no brainer' - I KNOW my nieces!!!
does that make me the
favorite - not in state - aunt ;-)???

just kidding...that was fun though.
my girls would be even easier to figure out...they all looked quite a bit different...
actually, I could play that with Nora and Sophie and have everyone reeling!!!

Jason said...

Wow! We only missed one. Pretty good considering.