Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Catch up for the past couple of weeks

Summer has been good so far. Busy, but good. Sarah is a fast mover now, and is working on pulling up. Lily is doing fare on our potty training endeavor and she got her ears pierced Sunday. Hannah is a HUGE help and is enjoying reading time. Noah is begging to feel the pain of being the only boy out of five children :(. Abigail is as sweet as ever. Luke doesn't know where to start with his 'free' time but has managed to have something to do every single second. But that has been good for him. I have not really figured out a good schedule yet but that will happen.

Studio go! Game Show (our VBS) went GREAT! we had a really good turn out (of mostly unchurched people) and it was so much fun.

Luke Set up the pool yesterday; so that also promises to be fun for the kids (if I can just keep from worrying to death).


Janis Dietz said...

Looks like great fun!

Holly said...

so great!

and if you can keep from worrying to death about the pool...let me know!

Jason said...

Yes. Pools and kids give me the heebeegeebees. Good luck with that. We have promised to take the kids to one of our city pools a couple times this summer. There is this big, fast, swirly thing that will make me a basket case I'm sure.

Lindsey said...

Looks like VBS was a huge success! All you have to do is put the little mother in charge at the pool. Always takes care of itself! ha!