Thursday, October 30, 2008

Out of Surgery!

Jeff & Janis just called and said that Emily is out of surgery. The good news is that after cleaning her out, there was no seepage of blood. They said it was blood left over from the aneurism of the aorta that ruptured and it was following the center of gravity and running to the surgical opening. They also hope to have her off of the ventilator by this afternoon.
Here are the prayer concerns:
*That her kidneys will come back to full function. It's normal for kidneys to be sluggish after all Emily has been through, but they're needing them to kick back in now. There's the possibility of dialysis if they don't kick back in on their own.
*Because Emily "coded," they're unsure if there's been any neurological damage. So pray that as Emily comes off of the sedation that she has full brain function. The doctor told them not to be overly excited that she recognized them earlier. She'll have to be assessed.
The family is cautiously optimistic. But we have a long ways to go!!
God has already answered our prayers about the blood seepage. Thank You, God!! Let's agree in asking Him for full kidney function and for full brain function.
We want our Emily back whole. Would You massage her kidneys and cause them to work properly? And would you just minister to her body, mind and spirit as she's waking up? Heal her, Father. Please heal her completely. Thank You for all You've done. Thank you for the forward motion in each step Emily is taking. We love you, Daddy! In Jesus' name, Amen.


Holly said...

L&E - praying for your kiddos today. praying for peace and understanding. praying for absence of fear.

amy wright said...

Thank you for sending the link to her Blog and your email. I will pray for her and her family!
Sarah (Dalhart, TX)

amy wright said...

Thanks for the link. I will be praying for your cousin.
Nancy (Florida)

Becky Dietz said...

EMILY!! WAY TO GO!!!! I'm so proud of you for fighting so hard. You're doing GREAT! Keep fighting, Em. You can do it!
Luke, I know you have to be relieved to be at this point. Let us be the Aaron & Hur holding up your arms---go get some rest! Love on those babies for a bit.
We love all of you and are cautiously optomistic with you!

amy wright said...

Praise God! I am still praying and I'm thankful for what has happened so far.

Mom B said...

Thanks so much for setting up this blog site and opening the opportunity for so many to pray and see the answers here! The ladies in my Bible Study Fellowship group (in Colorado Springs) prayed this morning. Friends in VA also prayed. What a mighty and awesome God we serve. We know He is right there with you, through all of this. Praise God for the answers to prayer already! We're holding you close in our hearts!!!! Margene and Phil (Holly's parents)

Sandra said...

Thank you for the success in Emily's surgery! I ask that you continue to work miracles! Give the Drs. knowledge beyond their training to make wise decisions, bring complete healing for Emily. I ask for "peace that passes understanding" for Luke and the family. Replace fear and exhaustion with faith, trust and rest! Comfort their children and bring encouragement for the entire family! Please bring her kidneys back to full function quickly and that she will wake up whole and healthy.

We will continue to pray! We've added Emily to our prayer room at church in Pampa.

Lindsey said...

Thank You, Lord, for a successful surgery!

Kim Dietz said...


Thank you that you are such a God of miracles. Draw close to Emily, now as she rests. Breath your peace over her. I pray that this time while she is in sedation would be an incredible time between the two of you..that you would be refreshing her spirit and her mind. Speak words of love and delight over her. Bring healing, Lord Jesus. Speak to her kidneys and cause them to function perfectly. Speak to her lungs and allow the fluid on them to go away so that she will be able to safely come off of the ventilator. Be so near to Luke and the kids...assuring them of your love for them and your perfect plans for their family. Also,speak peace over Janis and Mike. Remind them that you love Em even more than they do and you are listening to our cries for her life and her health. Thank you for the good things you do...we REJOICE in you!


Kay Vernor said...

I am so thankful to God that the surgery is going well. I am praying that the Lord will hold Emily and Luke and the family close tonight. I pray for strength and wisdom for all of the doctors and nurses and other healthcare workers.