Thursday, October 30, 2008

Thursday Evening

They were not able to take Emily off of the ventilator today. The pulmonologist saw a little fluid in her lungs and wanted to leave the vent on to help her through the night. They will try to take it off tomorrow. There's still concern about her kidneys. Please pray that they start functioning on their own!
I'm trying to get a photo of Sarah so we can all see her! Kim says she looks nothing like the other kids as a baby. She weighed in at 9 lbs. and has little chubby rolls! I can't wait to see this precious bundle of sweetness!! Pictures, anyone???
Luke was surrounded by his extended family today. I heard there was even a buffet set up in the waiting room for everyone to eat. Isn't family awesome? I'm so thankful for Luke's family and how they're loving on him and supporting him through this hard time. We love you, Luke!!! Hang in there! We're sending our love your way.
I just have to share one little amazing thing that happened this morning. My cell phone rang...loudly. It was Janis giving me the information about Emily's upcoming surgery. Why is that amazing? My cell phone was set on "vibrate." If it had vibrated, I would never have known she called---I was in the bathroom getting dressed for the day. The next call that came in from my daughter.....vibrated! God is awesome! I think He wanted His people praying early.


Kim said...

A little miracle in the midst of so many others...God's love and provision for Emily from the very beginning of this entire situation have been beyond words. Thank you, Jesus, for your faithfulness!

amy wright said...

I'm praying for you tonight. I'm praying for your kidneys. I'm praying for your lungs. I'm praying for you to be able to get home soon and enjoy those first few precious days with sweet Sarah. I love you.

Becky Dietz said...

Please heal Emily's lungs. Bind any fluid build-up. Loose normal kidney function in her body. Restore her, Father. In Jesus' name, Amen.

As We Are said...

We are praying for lungs that work great!

The Hazlett's said...

To all the Panters and extended family: Our thoughts and prayers will stay with you all through this time. I am joining the gathering of prayer and asking for full healing. Your FBC Family in Greenville love you all and know we are here if you need us!

The Hazlett's - Curt, Katie, Chris & Nic

Marcy Faye Hallden said...

Father, strengthen Emily's kidneys and lungs tonight--while the rest of us are sleeping and resting, continue to heal her body. I pray for a great report tomorrow morning. I lift up again Luke and the kids, and ask for your peace. Thank you for all the miracles you have done up to this point. Make your name great!!