Thursday, October 30, 2008


Janis just called me and said that Emily is scheduled for surgery at 10 this morning.  The doctor said there is still seepage of blood that they want to find the source of and then the plan is also to close up the wound.  Her blood count is normal.  Yea!!  Her platelet count is still low, so they planned on giving her platelets.  The doctor told the family last night that the seepage was a little less and Emily appeared a little more stable.  Her kidney output was low, but every nurse on every shift said that was normal after "coding."  The kidneys are the first thing to feel the shock to the system and it takes them longer to adjust.
Pray that Emily will be prepared for the surgery (platelets) and that the doctors will be guided EXACTLY to where the seepage is taking place and be able to stop it.  Last night, Andy & I prayed that the doctors would even have dreams during the night about what was going on and be immediately directed to the source of the problem.
Pray that the surgery would go well and go quickly.  And then pray that Emily wakes up and feels like Emily.  
Continue praying for their children.  The older ones are worried about their mom of course!  And everything is just off schedule---even though they love having the grandmas around.  A big thanks to everyone is who bringing food and offering to babysit---I know they'll need it just to get rest themselves.
And continue praying for Luke and Janis.  Janis said she just keeps reliving the crisis.  I know Luke does too.  And they're not getting rest.
Thank you for praying!!!  And please...continue leaving comments, prayers, scripture.  The family said they are overwhelmed with the outpouring of love and prayers on Emily's behalf.  There were 514 hits on this website yesterday in only 13 hours.  God's people care.


As We Are said...

Father, we ask that as you prepare the drs for Emily's surgery, won't you guide them directly to the source of blood loss. Let the surgery be successfull! I pray that Emily would wake up soon, feeling calm and restored. We pray for quick healing Father! Be with Luke and Janis! I pray that your peace would remain in that waiting room and in their hearts.

Rachel said...

Lord, you are the ultimate healer. I pray you would be in surgery guiding the doctor's hands with your hands. That your thoughts would be their thoughts.I pray you would restore Emily's body completely, that everything would work in accordance to how you created Emily. God, I lift up Janis and Luke, that the memories of this experience would disappear. Only thoughts of hope and Phil 4:8 would comsume their minds. Lord I lift up Emily's children, surround them with your love and make your presence known that they may have peace in knowing you are there. Also, strength for the Grandma's to bear this tragedy as well as take care of all the children. God, I know you are in control and bear all these things along with us. God, show your extravagance through Emily, make her a miracle. In Jesus name.

We will be praying while Emily is in surgery. Please update us as soon as she is out.

Enjoying the journey... said...

Lord, please help them all not to be anxious about anything but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present their requests to You. May your peace, O God, which transcends all understanding, guard their hearts and minds in Christ Jesus. Phil 4:6-7
God, I do thank you for this amazing family and their testimony to the world. Please give them your peace and restore Emily to health and to her family.

Tom and Terry said...

Lord I lift Emily and her family up to you right now asking you to use YOUR power to heal her, your power to stop the bleeding, to make her kidneys start working again and your power to protect all her other organs. Lord we know that You are who You say You are and we are believing that You can do this because You are a great big God! In Your powerful name I pray.

amy wright said...

In case you have not checked the blog yet, Emily is scheduled for surgery at 10am. Lets all come together in prayer at that time for Emily and the family. Pray expecting God's healing on Emily and in her family.
Rachel (Dalhart)
This is an email from my friend, Rachel, to my other friends. -Amy-

amy wright said...

Lord, I am asking you to protect Emily. I pray that you take the doctors right to the source of the problem. Let the surgery be a total success.
Holy Father, give Luke your peace at this moment. Guide his thoughts.
Thank you for my family. Thank you for their faith in you.

Becky Dietz said...

It's 10:00 as I write this. I'm praying for you, sweet girl, as you go into surgery. (If they're on time!) I'm praying the doctor is very precise with what he does. In fact, I'm praying he's a perfectionist! ha! And I'm praying that you meet with God while you're under anesthesia...that you come awake refreshed and renewed.
Luke, I'm praying for you as you wait. I'm praying your spirit will be at rest. And I'm praying God meets with you and speaks to your heart.
I love you both. I'm praying for your children, too. That they'll have an understanding and that God will just love on them through this time.
Hugs & Kisses!

Sue, VA said...

I pray for those involved in this surgery: Follow the "strong leading" you have to go where it seems unlikely for the seepage to be. Be bold and persistent in following this "urging." Thank you LORD that Your Hand is in this. Thank You for Your Peace for the family. May they feel Your arms as others hold them and pray with/for them. We look to You and thank You that You are there! Amen.

amy wright said...

Amy, I am so sorry. Will pray for Emily and her family......
Love you,
Aunt Juanita (Fort Worth)

Rachel said...

Lord, I lift Emily up to you at this moment as you have laid her heavily on my heart. I know you are with her and I have seen your hands in this situation with her and the family from the beginning. God I pray that you are guiding the surgeons in every move they make, that you are holding on to Luke with every breath he takes, that your presence is fully known in every moment that passes. Lord we all come to you expecting and can in ALL things praise you. Lord, we may not know this family, but are loving this family through you. Emily is yours and you know what she needs in this moment. I pray that you would provide it for her by any means necessary.

Anonymous said...

We have been in constant prayer for Emily and the whole family since hearing of this crisis. Our church prayed last night for complete healing and peace. Know that we are with you in love! Anna (and Ryan) Middlebrook

Becky Dietz said...

We are definitely praying for emily and her family! I can't imagine how hard this must be for them, but I know God will meet them at every point along the way of this journey! I'm believing it and praying for it.
Also praying for provision for them during this time... that people will rally around them as a community.
Emily Sims

Alan said...

Almighty God, we stand together giving thanks and praise that you are a good and loving God whose face always watches over those who love you. And so we know that you are watching over Emily right now. Our prayer is that you would bring healing to her body as well as peace and comfort to her soul. We ask for the surgery to be a success and for all needed repairs to be made so that Emily can soon return to her family as the wife and mom they know and love. And while you are at it, give her family the peace and comfort that only comes from you. Blessing and honor to you, oh God. We pray and place our trust in Jesus' holy name.