Monday, December 15, 2008


I talked to Luke & Emily just now and they said things are going well. Emily said shes' not feeling great this morning. Her stomach seems to stay upset. They've given her some medicine to try and keep it from getting upset, but it doesn't always work. And she's trying to eat more so that she has more strength and so that it eventually helps keep her stomach where it needs to be.
The nerve endings on Emily's scar are very sensitive. She said the kids have done great with her being home, but it's hard to convince Lily not to climb into her lap! Emily said it really hurts to hold the kids---and Sarah needs constant attention---but she's unable to care for her. She can hold her a little at a time, but wears out pretty quickly.
Luke said that Mary Whitty came over yesterday and was Super Nanny! They appreciated her so much. She helped with the kids, cleaned house and even brought supper. They were very grateful for her help!!
Please continue praying for Luke, Emily & the kids and their adjustment. Thank you to everyone who is signing up to help!! It's greatly appreciated.
Emily plans on reading the blog today and then Luke & I hope to teach her how to blog. So you may begin hearing from Emily!! (They have dial-up on their computer, so it's really slow and frustrating. That's the only reason she may not blog very often right now.)

Psalm 35:9
"Then my soul will rejoice in the LORD and delight in his salvation."

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Rachel said...

Lord, thank you for the people who are physically meeting Luke and Emily's needs. Lord bless them for being your hands and feet. Lord I pray for healing over Emily's scar. God I pray you would give her strength today and build strength in her daily. God I pray you would sooth Emily's stomach. Lord restore her body to better than ever. God you are our healer and through you all things are possible. Lord I pray that you lift Luke and Emily high above these circumstances and cover them with angels in their time of need. Thank you Lord for hearing our prayers over Emily. Thank you Lord! In your most precious and powerful name, AMEN!
Hi, Emily. It's so good to finally have you be apart of this blog. Take your time reading it. One time I read an entire blog in a day and I was exhausted. I felt like I was living everyday as I was reading it. It's so good to have you home.