Monday, December 8, 2008

Prayer Needs

Janis said the endocrinologist came in and told them that her kidneys are virtually normal now. Her liver is better---the numbers have gone up. And they may drain fluid again from her abdomen to check it. The doctor said they had done a culture on the PIC line and the catheter and it showed that they were either contaminated or she has a staph infection. Another doctor had read those cultures and that's why he ordered the strong antibiotic which Emily wasn't able to tolerate or had an allergic reaction to. So please pray that if she does have a staph infection, that it's healed quickly.
Janis was leaving within the hour to go to Jeff's house. She asked us to be praying because Emily is very emotional right now. She may just not be feeling well. Or it could be the fact that Janis is leaving. (I know I always got emotional after my mom left when I'd had a baby!) Or it could be the fact that doctors are telling her it may be another week or two before she goes home. She's so ready to be home!!! And she really wants to be there before Lily's birthday on December 20. So please pray that Emily gets well quickly so she can get home!
And would you please consider signing up to stay with Emily during the daytime? Janis said there's just lots of things that can be done for her that also helps the nurses out. And Emily may just need a shoulder to cry on...or for someone to just sit quietly while she rests. But Luke isn't going to be able to be at both places at the same time. You guys have been so great already and we know it's Christmas time!! Words just can't express our gratitude!
Prayer Requests:
*Pray that Emily is healed of any staph infection
*Pray for Emily's emotions
*Pray that there are people who can help take up the slack as Janis leaves
*Pray that Emily gets to go home before Lily's birthday!
*And please pray for Janis. It's been such a struggle for her to leave when Emily isn't completely well. Pray for her emotions, as well.

Psalm 71:23
"My lips will shout for joy when I sing praise to you— I, whom you have redeemed."

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