Thursday, December 4, 2008

Changes are A-Comin'

I talked to Janis and she said that Jeff (Emily's brother) had been with Emily this morning. They are saying that Emily's liver numbers are worse. They believe it is from her TPN---her intraveneous feeding tube. So they are removing it and are encouraging her to EAT! They told her that even if she'd eat a couple of bites an hour, it would help. They're not unduly worried about it, but they do need Emily to start eating. If that doesn't work, they may have to resort to the feeding tube in the nose. If the numbers don't change (and they really believe this is her problem), they will have to do a liver biopsy.
Janis said things are pretty chaotic at the house. I think Lily had a meltdown this morning. Janis said they were trying to wait for a nap until after "Barney," but she didn't make it that long. Ha! The school also called and had Luke come pick up Noah. He has a spot on his face that Janis has been trying to medicate, but they think it's a staff infection. He's had it since before Sarah was born, but he can't go back to school until the spot clears up. So Luke is going to have to take Noah & Lily to the doctor Monday---it was the first available appointment. Lily is just having a check-up, I believe.
Janis' flight arrangements have been made to go back to Albuquerque before she leaves for Germany. She will be leaving Dallas early Tuesday morning.
So...everything is about to change. Luke won't have continual help with the children. And as you can tell just from this post, things can change rather quickly---in every direction!! I know it's a busy time of year and our minds are pulled in so many different directions. But if you can help out with a meal, with childcare or with sitting with Emily, I know Luke is about to be a desperate man! If you're able to take a meal, please tell us what you'll be bringing so it's not duplicated before or behind you. And with everything, please leave your name, email address or phone number in case plans change! Thank you so much!!!
Prayer Needs:
*Emily's liver counts
*Emily being able to eat
*Noah's staff infection on his cheek
*Janis leaving
*Luke's situation

I Corinthians 1:9
"God is faithful (reliable, trustworthy, and therefore ever true to His promise, and He can be depended on); by Him you were called into companionship and participation with His Son, Jesus Christ our Lord."


amy wright said...

I'm praying for you guys.

Anonymous said...

I am praying for your family and the situation. Can you please remind people to write down on the calendar what they are bringing for a meal. I would like to do a meal but I don't want to duplicate what someone else is making.

Ashley Poole said...

I thank God so much for the progress Emily has made. I would really like to help yall with childcare, errands, cleaning the house or something. I have no problem with doing that. I didnt know what exactly to put on the if you need anything please let me know my cell number is 903-441-4420.