Friday, December 5, 2008


I talked to Luke tonight and he said that Emily had a good day. She used her walker and walked about 500 feet tonight. She's had lots of visitors and is loving seeing people she knows. She's eaten well today. She had yogurt, granola bars, Cran-Grape drink through the day and beef stew for dinner.
The doctor wanted to do a sonogram of her liver and said it may take awhile to get her liver going again---whatever that means! Luke is afraid that means she may not get to go home as soon as he hoped. Let's just pray that because Emily is eating now, that her liver numbers come up and her liver gets in on the same game plan as the rest of her body!
I hope you've seen the post that Janis needs a ride to the hospital tomorrow. She doesn't have to be there right at noon, but she does want to spend the afternoon with Emily--and Luke will need to be with the children. Her nieces are going to be visiting Emily tomorrow afternoon and Janis wants to be with all of them. I hope someone can help. We'd really appreciate it!!
Thank you!


Linda Clark said...

I continue to pray for you Emily. We are praying that soon your liver will kick in and begin working. We love you. The Clarks

Sandra said...

I'm praying!