Sunday, December 7, 2008

Hannah's Snowflakes!

These are the snowflakes Hannah made and sent to us through her teacher, Mrs. Beene. She's very artistic, don't you think? We have them hanging on our Christmas tree.


Sandra said...

Hannah! You did a beautiful job!

Anonymous said...

They are beautiful and Hannah IS artistic. You need to look at her spelling tests. She draws a little picture for every word in the time that I call out the word. They are fantastic. I keep copies of many of them.

I really enjoyed getting to meet Becky and her family. She is wonderful and I do think that we would be best friends if we lived close to each other. In the short time that we visited, we discovered a lot in common as did our husbands. Thank you again Becky for this blog and how you keep it up every day so that we can know how to pray and minister to the Panthers. I have not been able to do much physically to help them, but my prayers are with you daily.

Mrs. Beene