Saturday, December 13, 2008

Quiet Weekend

I just talked to Luke and he said that all of the kids except Sarah have gone to their grandparent's house for the weekend. Luke was working on the bathroom. He's trying to hurriedly finish up the "surprise" he had for Emily. He hoped to have it finished before she got home, but didn't. So he's almost got the tile put up around the tub.
He said Emily was holding Sarah. So I know they're probably having some good bonding time. The kids will be in the country until Sunday night, so this should be a great way for Emily to re-enter family life with ease.
I know they appreciate all of the help!


Kim said...

Love you sweet Emily...still thinking about you all the time. I know it's so frustrating, but you are such a trooper! Keep it up, girl! Love you so much.

amy wright said...

I hope that you do have some good time with just you and Sarah and Luke. I'm praying for you!