Saturday, December 6, 2008

I Met Mrs. Beene!

What an exciting night! Hannah Panter's teacher, Mrs. Beene, contacted me and told me she was going to be in Borger tonight. So we made plans to meet up with one another. She told me she'd be wearing a "Boles" sweatshirt---and we spotted her right away. Hannah had made some snowflakes that she sent to us and we were so excited! She did a great job on them. Mrs. Beene and I decided we would be best friends if we lived near one another. She and her husband were sweet to take some things to the family for us. She also got to introduce us to Julie, who is a friend of her son and his wife. She was a surgical tech when Emily was brought in that first night. She said God was with Emily---she had the best doctors on call for the problems she had that night. It was so good to meet her and to be able to thank her for her part in saving Emily's life. She said lots of them keep up with Emily through this blog. So I just want to say, "THANK YOU" to each of you who have had a part in saving Emily's life or in ministering to her in ICU or taking care of her on any part of this journey. We appreciate you. We know you've been called to your jobs and it's evident that you take pride in your job by how well you take care of your patients. Thank you.

I just talked to Janis and she is staying with Emily tonight. The liver doctor hasn't been in yet, but the infectious disease doctor, Dr. Spock, was in and told them the report on the sonogram looked fine to him. There is a hematoma on the liver and her kidneys look like they've been through a near-death experience (which they have!), but other than that, things look good. He said that all of her organs are just going to take time to get over the shock that they've had. He told them that he thought she would be able to go home in 2 weeks. The lung doctor had come in to see Emily today and told them that he thought she'd be able to go home in 1 week. So we'll just pray that the lung doctor is right! Dr. Spock also has her on an antibiotic to get rid of her infection.
Janis also said that their neighbor straightened Hannah's curly hair today. She was so sad that Mrs. Beene wasn't here to see it and told her dad that she couldn't wash it before next Tuesday when Mrs. Beene was going to be back in the classroom! ha! Janis said you'd think Mylie Cyrus was living in the house the way Hannah was tossing her hair around. Pretty cute!!
Janis is glad to get to be spending this time with Emily before she goes home---and then goes to Germany to visit her son and his family. Please be praying that Mike, Janis, & Jonathan get rested and over all these bugs before they leave!
We've said it over and over and I got to tell Mrs. Beene in person tonight---but you guys have a wonderful community! Thank you for everyone that has reached out to the Panter family! You have blessed them--and us, Emily's family.

I Chronicles 16:34
"Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good; his love endures forever."

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