Thursday, December 4, 2008

Posted by Debbie Jenkins on 11-25-08

I haven't visited the website in awhile and I was so sorry I hadn't when I found this post by Debbie Jenkins. I wanted to post it here also in case you haven't seen it either. It blessed my heart. This is Emily's sister-in-law, Kim's, mom. We, too, thank God for all of the special caregivers Emily has had. Thank you, Baylor Medical!! And thank you, Debbie, for taking the time to write this. Emily has come so much further since you first wrote this. Praise God!!

I stopped by the hospital today, and in addition to the precious miracle of Emily, I noticed the attention of all of her caregivers. Maybe it is just because I am a nurse, but it struck me how much Emily has touched her nurses, respiratory therapists, doctors, and other healthcare providers. I thanked her Endocrinologist for all of his kindness and he said the miracle of Emily was not his to give! When I got there two doctors were standing in line to check on her. And, that doesn't even represent the team. She has so many people watching her every breath it is unbelievable.She was moved to a private ICU room, and without exception, I think the people around her were as excited, if not more, than she was. Her new room is the size of the other room, but she is the only patient! Someone (a nurse)made a comment that now she could have her special visitors, another commented about the view of the sky and light from the windows to lift her spirits. They made a special effort to position her bed so she could see the sky. Her respiratory therapist supported and advocated for her to get moved to a private room. And because Emily felt too much was happening to fast today, the therapist and nurses stopped the commotion and reminded her that she is the reason all of them are here. Kim told me she feels her RT is the reason she is in the special room she has. That room is usually reserved for transplant patients due to their special needs. But, not this week- it is Emily's. If you could see how precious space is for that ICU, you would know what a blessing it is. She has been in a room with 3 other critically ill patients. The room is probably the size of 2 semi private regular patient rooms, without a wall to separate them for privacy. She has just had a curtain to give her individual privacy. The noises go on 24/7. Conversations take place about other patient's and even tho everyone tries to keep it as quiet as possible, medications to alleviate pain make for confusion. She has been under unbelievalbe conditions. The way that healthcare is today. there is a great need for more hospital beds, and the special people in ICU are doing the best they can to make it as good as possible. There was a special meeting to throw out the rules so Em's babies could be there. Transplant patient's are numerous in this ICU, so the patient's are very susceptible to illness. Children are little germ factories, so they usually don't allow them. I couldn't help but think that Em is reaching all of them for the Lord. If you could feel the spirit in the unit and see the looks on their faces, you would know it too!It is hard to work in the ICU and see tragedy after tragedy. Sometimes it feels that no matter what you do, the outcome is bad. And then here comes our Miracle. She has touched them all and given them encouragement that our God is bigger than any trauma or illness. His timing is perfect, down to the second! I thank God for all of them and their willingness to answer His call on their lives. I found out that a special nurse named Vandy is one of her caregivers. And... she happens to have been one of my most special nursing students. She reminded me of Kim the minute I met her 3 years ago. God started long ago laying the foundation for those that would save His Emily.So, in case any of the nurses, doctors, respiratory therapists and all of the other special healthcare providers at Baylor are reading this, THANK YOU and thank God for the special calling on your lives. Yours is a special place and it is because of your dedication that God can prove His love and devotion to all of us.Emily is making tremendous progress. She is speaking to her physicians, answering their questions and working so hard to get out of that place. She is unbelievable. She is also BEAUTIFUL. She is glowing. Her color is great, her spirit is strong. The road is still bumpy before her, but she is up to the test. To see her smile today and hear her voice was the best gift anyone could get. Thank you for letting me be part of your family. This is a blessed Thanksgiving.
Love always,
Gramme Debbie

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