Saturday, November 29, 2008


I talked to Janis this morning and some advancements are being made. Woo-Hoo! Emily has gone all this time without the vent now. So the next step will be to get the trach out. There are a couple of steps they'll take before they remove the trach. The first one they'll do is cap off the trach and give her oxygen through her nose. When she tolerates that well, she'll move on to the next step. So she's doing great!
She is very sore in her joints. They're not sure if that's from moving around more or if she's getting the flu bug that's going around. So please pray that God protects her from those bugs!!
More good news---Luke is planning on taking the kids up to see their mother today. I know it will be so sweet---and yet so hard---when they get ready to leave. Please cover them all in prayer today!
In the meantime, there are some women who are going to the Panter's house to set up the Christmas tree and do some decorating so the kids can come home to "Christmas" in their house! I know they will be ecstatic.
So this is a good day. Pray that all goes well! We appreciate you praying for Emily and her family. So many wonderful steps are being made in her recovery---and we know it's all due to prayer and the awesome power of God. Thank you.


Anonymous said...

Praise God for all the improvements! I pray today will be a wonderful time with the family and that parting won't be hard!

Rachel said...

This is all most definitly good news!!! Praise God!