Monday, November 24, 2008


Janis & I had a bad connection when we called just now. But I'll tell you what I did understand. They have now put Emily on soft foods! YEA!! So she had bacon and eggs this morning. She's still not able to eat much, so the doctor has ordered that she only be fed food intravenously at night---and soft foods during the day.
There is a private room in I.C.U. and the person who has been in it is being moved to another floor. The respiratory doctor has fought for Emily to get the private room. So PLEASE pray that Emily gets that room tomorrow!! If she gets that room, she will be able to close the door and sleep and her kids will even be able to come in and see her.
This is where our connection went fuzzy and I hope I have all of this right....They put the cap on the trach this morning and she had to work to breathe again. When the respiratory therapist came in to remove it, Emily begged them to leave it on. But the therapist told Emily she had to put her back on the vent. It was a process to wean her off of it and she couldn't keep the cap on. (She's also able to talk when she has the cap on.) Emily began crying. After talking with her, they discovered she was really discouraged. She was seeing people come and go out of the I.C.U.---people who hadn't been there as long as she has and she knew that when she'd been able to stay on the cap for 24 hours, she'd be ready to be off of the vent...and she'd be able to go to a regular room...and she'd be able to see her babies. Janis and the therapist both tried to help her understand. But then...Janis told her she was entitled to cry---she'd just had a baby, she'd just learned this week that she almost died, and she was working hard---she was entitled to cry!! So please pray for Emily. She's missing her children. And her children are missing her.
On another note, Janis said that Luke's dad is in the hospital with kidney stones. So please pray for this family---they're just having a hard time!
*Just got word that Luke's dad was able to leave the hospital at 10 this morning. 

Psalm 68:19
"Praise be to the Lord, to God our Savior, who daily bears our burdens."


Anonymous said...

Praying!! Emily, let your emotions out, that too is a part of your healing!

Linda Clark said...

Emily I am praying for you as you get some needed rest. May God provide all you need and all the needs and desires of your heart. Soon I hope you get to see your babies!!

Linda Clark said...

Janis as a mother I know you have a heavy heart and a very tired body. May you get some needed rest soon. May you be there for Emily in every way she needs. Love you.

The Burk's said...

Please let Emily know how excited we are to hear how well she is doing! She has come such a long way. I pray that the Lord encourages her heart with the progress she has made thus far, and that his peace and love comfort her every need. The Burk family is so blessed to hear you are doing so well! God's blessings to you!

the Jones' in Dallas said...

I spoke with my parents back in the UK this morning, and they want you to know that all of the congregation at Inskip Baptist Church is praying for you and Emily and the family at this time.
We thank God for the progress we are reading each day.
In Him
Martin Jones

amy wright said...

Emily, I just want to cry with you. I know that more than anything, you want to be with your kids. I'm praying that it comes very soon! I love you!

Brittney said...

As I have prayed steadily for Emily's physical healing, my prayers are also including her emotional healing as she deals with the trauma of all of this. I continue to pray. I'm glad she is letting it out.