Friday, November 14, 2008


Ok...I hope I can remember everything Luke told me! He met with the lung doctor this morning and he told Luke that he's ordering a procedure to withdraw some of the fluid from Emily's lungs. He wants to test it and see if there's infection in it. Luke said every doctor right now is targeting the infection---they're all determined to find the source of the infection so they can get this girl well! The lung doctor told Luke that when her fever breaks, they'll begin weaning her off of the ventilator. Yippee! The kidney doctor told Luke that her kidneys are producing. He thinks the kidneys are "coming back." If there's a significant decrease or if the numbers remain the same, he will do dialysis tomorrow. But if they continue to increase, he won't.
Emily's belly is still swollen, bu they think it will just take care of itself. Emily is awake!! But she's having trouble communicating because she's still just a little bit "loopy" from the affects of the medicine. And she's uncomfortable. Luke must have asked the nurse about getting her a white board to write messages, but the nurse said she'd be too frustrated right now because she wouldn't have good eye-hand coordination yet.
Every doctor and nurse are being very positive about Emily's case now! Is that not exciting? They said this weekend will be crucial as they look for signs of recovery---recovery of her lungs, kidneys and liver. So let's carry her through this weekend with our prayers! Would you agree with me?

Thank you for the miracle you're performing in Emily's life, in her body. We're in awe of You. You are the Miracle-Worker. We praise You! I know You are, but we just ask You to continue carrying Emily through this weekend. Please help these doctors target the cause of Emily's fever. Would You please break the fever, God? Would You cause her kidneys to function on their own this weekend and increase those numbers? Would you heal her liver? And Father, we ask You to bind fear from Emily. Help her understand what is going on as she wakes up and knows she has a tracheotomy. Help Luke & Janis to be able to communicate with her and understand her today as she comes more awake. Bring peace into Emily's heart. Thank You, thank You, thank You for what You're doing. We praise you, Father! In Jesus' name, Amen.

Psalm 18:46
"The LORD lives! Praise be to my Rock! Exalted be God my Savior!"


amy wright said...

I am in agreement with the prayer and so happy that things are improving. I am still praying!

Ronnie said...

I am also in total agreement with the prayer and are praying also for God's will to continue in and through Emily and the family as well as all the friends who have been involved in this process of God's Deliverance. We are all so small in comparison to our Holy Father.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Lord Jesus, please continue to heal Emily so that she can be whole again and return to her precious family. Please give her Your peace and rest in the knowledge that you are the Great physican. Bless her family as they continue in this trial. Give them rest as well. I will continue in agreement to all of the prayers that are written for these your precious children.

Anonymous said...

Praise God!!! Thank you Lord for all you are doing to help Emily and Luke. We are praying really hard.

Jason and Carmen Collett

Lindsey said...

Thank you Lord for a great report! You are SO good! Your mercies for Emily are new today, and it is showing! We praise you for all this good news, and I ask that You just keep it comin'!

Summer said...

OH, the miracles of God Almighty.
Father, Healer, we praise your mighty hand. Heal, restore, bless, protect, guide...
We give thanks to modern technology and the capable doctors who know how to use it. Blessings on the families of all those who are lifting up the Panters in prayer and thanksgiving. We praise you Almighty Father.