Saturday, November 15, 2008

Janis: Good Day with Emily

I've been here with Luke since yesterday evening, and it has been SO good to see Emily. She is looking so much better, and has more periods when she is more awake. She tries to mouth words; we try to understand what she's trying to say, which means she gets frustrated sometimes, but we are just so happy to see her better. We brought a 5x7 photo of Sarah and an 8x10 photo of all five kids together which two different friends had taken and printed out for us to bring to Emily. When we showed them to her, she smiled and touched them. She wanted the nurse to see them. She obviously understands what we say. Kim went in to see her while ago since we missed the 5:15 visiting period (more on that in a minute) and the nurse let her in since she won't see Em until next weekend. She said Em was asking her where she was, why she was there, etc. Hard for Kim, but we know it will only be more of this as Emily comes off the sedatives, etc. She wants to get up, pull out tubes, etc., but that is all good, in my opinion. Her stick-to-it attitude (stubborness) comes out as she keeps asking for a drink even though we and the nurse keep telling her she can't have a drink. Personally, I don't see what harm a few ice chips could hurt!
My sweet daughter-in-law Kim took me to a spa for my second pedicure--WONDERFUL and some delicious PeiWei food, which is why we missed the visiting period, Dallas traffic. Thanks again, Kim, and Jeff.
Thank you all for all your continuous prayer support. There is still a long way to go before Emily can return home to her kids. We love you all.


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