Saturday, November 1, 2008

Just Talked to Luke...

I just talked to Luke and didn't find out much new news about Emily, but I heard Luke's heart.  First let me tell you that Luke said Emily is warmer to the touch today which is good news.  They're waiting on the lung and kidney doctors to come in and give a report on how the dialysis helped her body last night.  Their plan is to start feeding her nutrients via I.V. today which should also help her kidneys, but will probably cause more swelling.  Let's agree for God's order to come into Emily's body.
Luke said the kids were doing great!  Hannah was the one most impacted by the trauma of the first day.  But by the 3rd day, Luke came home and told her that 'mom is doing good.'  She said, "I know Dad, I was praying!"  She's going to be a little spiritual warrior!
Thank you to everyone who has made a donation.  You are awesome!!!  It's going to help Luke so much with all the expenses that are being incurred right now.  He told me that he was truly humbled that people cared and were willing to help out. 
I told you earlier that we had set up a "stat counter" that tells how many people come by, where they're from, etc.  As I was looking at it today, the thing that overwhelmed me is that people all over the world are praying for Emily.  That's amazing in itself---the power of technology to reach all those people.  But the thought God put in my heart is this:  Emily is being covered in prayer 24 hours a day!  Because of the time difference, she's covered around the clock.  Is that not incredible?
Now about Luke....
Luke said one of the most meaningful conversations he had was with a seminary professor of his---and most of it came in the form of a prayer.  This professor (Luke is in Criswell Seminary for those who don't know) told Luke, "Usually when maturing Christians are faced with a crisis, we begin looking for purpose, for God's will---a means to an end.  What does it all mean?  But, Luke, when we can't understand God's wisdom, let us trust His heart."  This made a profound impact on Luke.  He said it was a simple truth that God cares.  God loves us.  His mind went to Emily---how did she make it out of the living room alive?  How did she make it to the hospital alive?  How did she make it from one hospital to the next alive?  How did she come out of the O.R. alive?  And this is what he said that spoke to my heart, "It is an amazing display of God's love."


Marcy Faye Hallden said...

I can't wait to wake up each morning and check on your progress, Emily! WOW! I will continue to pray and anticipate great things today!

Kendra Beene said...

I agree that Hannah is a spiritual warrior! I'm Hannah's teacher, Kendra Beene, and I was surprised, but glad to see her in class yesterday. After I gave her a hug, she began to tell me about the events of Tues. night. We were both very close to tears so I starting talking about the cool helicopter ride that her mom got to take. That began her laughing, but her next words were that everybody was praying for her mom and I assured her that I, along with many at Boles and extended friends and church families were praying. Also, one of our spelling words was pray and the kids had to make sentences with their words. Many of them said they will pray for Hannah's mom. That is something for second graders.

I praise God for the healing that HE has done so far in Emily's life and look forward to "conferencing" with her when she is well. Thank you for this blog where we can keep updated. I wanted to call so bad, but didn't want to disturb anyone, to find out about Emily and how Hannah was. Please know that our prayers are with all of you and if there is EVER a need for rides to school or home or whatever, please call. It sounds like family and church family are really taking care of things, but when they get worn out, please call on your school family. We will help!
Love in Christ,
Kendra Beene
Boles Elementary

The McIntires said...

We live down the street from the Panter family. My husband and I are on our knees in prayer! Thank you for the blog so that we will know specific things to pray for.

amy wright said...

It is so true! I always wonder "why" these things have to happen...especially to a mother of 5 or a child with cancer etc. But God is in the midst of every crisis and God is Love.
I just cry every time I get on here and read another comment from another person...God demonstrating his love through other people to you.
I'm praying for y'all today.

Deborah51 said...

Luke, here are some more words from Beth Moore on faith. This is what your professor was saying. Beth prayed this to God one time: "God I can't understand why You're doing this. But I know that, unlike me, Your actions cannot be inconsistent with Your heart, and I know Your heart is loving, good, and faithful. Somehow, some way, somewhere all these things are for good. If I could just know You better through this, that is all the good I need."
"A faith base on who God is frees Him completely to show us what He can do! Right motives invite real miracles!"
Deborah Yates

rcummings said...

Luke & Emily: Dixon Baptist Church is praying for you. I, myself will continually pray all through the day and each day until you are well! Morning night & noon will I lift up my request on your behalf. Your friend in Christ, Ruth

Nirma Guerrero said...

Dear Emily and Luke.
I have been reading this Blog every day and my family and me, we pray for you and the only things that we can say is, OUR LORD IS GREAT!!,Praise the Lord, Gracias Señor!!, Gloria a Dios!!.A big chilean hug for you and your precious children.!With love.Emilio y Nirma Zapata.