Monday, November 17, 2008

What a Good Day!

I called Janis to see how the rest of Emily's day went and she said it was great. Emily is more settled in her mind about what has happened in the past 3 weeks. I think she asked lots of questions throughout the day. Janis had gone back to her room to drink her Sleepytime Tea and was winding down for the night. Emily was worn out and was in need of pain medication---so everybody was ready for bed. Luke had a great day with the kids and had lots of laughter over the movie, "A Bug's Life" that they watched together tonight. Lily's doctor's appointment was just a regular check-up and a flu shot, Janis thought.
Tomorrow evening, Janis & Luke will trade places.
A good day.

We're so grateful for what You're doing. Thank You for bringing healing to Emily. Please continue that good work! We know Emily has a long way to go, but thank You for this encouragement. You are awesome, God! We love You and thank You for Your good work.
In Jesus' name, Amen.


Anonymous said...

I am so glad and thank GOD that things are looking up!!

Anonymous said...

We are super excited about emilys progress!!! We check the blog 2-3 times a day...What a testimony!!! We love you guys and are still praying for a full recovery. Cant wait to hear the news of Emily returning home to her sweet family. Praying for you all - Jamie and Tonya Goodman

Anonymous said...

It was an awesome experience to read the blog yesterday and hear that "Emily is back." We will continue to pray for her recovery and are so thankful that she is making such good progress.
-Tarah and Chris Jenkins, Lubbock TX

Anonymous said...

We are so happy at Boles Elementary. Tears of joy over the good news. Praise God for hearing our cries for help.
Hang in there Emily and Luke
Debbie Chapman, Secretary

Mom B said...

Just praising our Awesome God today, for what He has done for Emily! We are all still praying here in Colorado Springs, and will continue to ask for complete healing and restoration for Emily. We also continue to pray for Luke, the kiddos, all the family who are helping out and for Emily's doctors as well.
God hears and we know He will answer!
Margene and Phil Benton