Monday, November 10, 2008


Thank you so much to those who have offered a car for Luke to use. Luke will be in contact with you. And...thank you to Luke's church, Bridgeview Baptist, who are going to rake and bag leaves this weekend. You guys are awesome!
I forgot to mention that the Panter family is in need of diapers. (And baby wipes, I'm sure!) Lily wears a size 3 and they use the Luvs brand. And of course, Sarah is in newborns and quickly moving into a size 1.
Also...if you would like to help fill the freezer with kid-friendly lunch food, that would be very much appreciated!
Thank you again for all the help. And we'll update you on Emily as soon as we hear something today!
Keep praying!!!


Kim said...


I'm praying for you this morning. Luke said they've taken you down for a CTscan. Lord Jesus, please give us good news. Heal Emily's body. Lead the doctors to Emily's infection and restore her organs to perfect order Lord Jesus. We trust you. We know your plans for Emily are perfect and we ask you to perfectly fulfill them. Be near to her this morning. Breathe peace over her. We love you Jesus! AMEN!

Anonymous said...

We want to drop off diapers, wipes and food tonight.

Where and when would be best for you guys? Also what kind of formula does Sara use.

I will be checking the blog for an answer or if it is more convenient
call Emily Blankinship at 903-454-9751. We love you guys and you are in our prayers.

racingyogagirl said...

Janis, The Adult 3 & 4 Sunday school classes from First Baptist Henderson are having a case of size 1 and a case of size 3 diapers shipped to you from along with some other things we thought might be helpful. We are also sending a gift certificate for so you all will be able to continue using this very convenient service. We are all praying! We love your family!
Lisa Waugh

Kim said...

Emily B,

Thank you so much for your thoughtfulness. Sara is on Parent's Choice formula from Wal-Mart. Just the regular formula with lipids. Jnnis will be at Luke and Emily's tonight to receive food. The kids usually eat around 5:00 if that works for you. If not, you can bring it by whenever is convenient. Again, thanks so much for loving Luke and means more than you know!

Kim Dietz

Kim said...

Lisa W.,

What a thoughtful gift! Thank you so much for loving Luke and Em and Janis!

Kim Dietz