Saturday, November 22, 2008

Prayers For Sleep

As Becky mentioned below, Jeff and I did have an incredible time with Em this afternoon. It is just such a happy day. To see her sweet smile and hear her voice. To be able to share with her tiny glimpses of the miraculous things the Lord has done for her. She is doing far better than I expected her to be at this point..I'm just so thankful. The main immediate prayer need for Em tonight is that she would SLEEP. As you can imagine, the ICU is very loud and bright and there's always something beeping or someone talking or laughing loudly. After several weeks of trying to sleep through all of this, unsuccessfully, Emily is BEYOND exhausted. She kept looking at me tonight saying, "I just need to sleep." So, Janis and I would rub her "perfectly unpuffy:)" feet with lotion and she would dose off for 15-20 minutes and then something would wake her. They gave her some sleeping meds last night that gave her horrible nightmares and made her feel awful, so we asked that they just give her Bynedryl tonight and the nurse agreed, though she said she didn't think it would work. So our very important prayer need for this night is that God would givr Emily rest like she's never had before...I think Iheard Janis use the word "blissful" sleep. Would you join me in praying for Emily's rest and also for Janis as the last two nights she has slept in a recliner next to Emily's bed. Thanks so much sweet friends and family!

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Anonymous said...

Praying that you are in "blissful" sleep even now as I type this!!