Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Yesterday Was Our 2 Steps Forward Day...

...And today was our one step back day. Poor Emily! She's had a miserable day. She was nauseous all day. They're not sure if it's because her body hasn't been used to food, if it was too much too soon or even if it was withdrawal from all of the medicines she's been on. But she hasn't felt well all day. They gave her phenergan which should have put her to sleep, but it didn't. They finally gave her another medicine that is making her sleepy and calming her body down.
Because of her nausea, she hasn't had any deep breathing going on today and, in fact, has had fast breathing. So that's probably one step back for getting off of the ventilator, too. She's also had a lot of coughing and they've had to suction her a few times. Of course, her body is "waking up" and she's experiencing more each day, so it's just been a tough day.
The swelling is going down on her legs. Janis said her feet are still swollen, but not as much. Her stomach is still distended and hard. That could just be from her intestinal system "waking up." They've given her blood today because her count was low. One nurse said it could be just from her blood not having enough oxygen in it, so that may be why they're giving her blood. Or it could still be the effects of losing so much blood in the beginning. They also gave her dialysis today just to clean her blood. The kidney doctor did come in and told Janis that her kidneys are progressing. We know this is going to be a process with some great days and some not-so-good days. Let's pray there are more great days than the other!!
Let's just pray for God's grace as her body "wakes up!"

I Corinthians 16:23
grace of the Lord Jesus be with you."


Becky Dietz said...

I'm so sorry you had a bad day today. I'm praying you don't even remember it in the long scheme of things!
Father, please bless Emily. Help her body to settle down tonight. Give her a good night's sleep. And Father, would You bless her with Your grace as her body awakens? Give it perfect function and great toleration for the workout it's going to get. You created it and I'm asking You to bring Your order into it. Thank You! In Jesus' name, Amen.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for updating this blog. We check it several times a day. I will pray for Emily and all her needs. Thank you Father for being with Emily.

Jason and Carmen Collett

Kim said...


Good night, love. I'm so sorry you've had such a rough day. I've been praying for you all evening and each time I wake up with a kiddo tonight, I will lift you up to the Father. I know how much you HATE to feel nauseous and throw up, so I can only imagine how miserable you are. I'm praying that your nurses will be able to find the perfect mixture of medicine to help you rest peacefully through the night.I love you so much sweet girl and I'm so incredibly proud of your fight. Hang in there!

fauleycrew said...

Dear Emily and Luke - it is wonderful to see God working during the midst of this time. This blogsite has been a real touch and feel connection with you. The prayers for your family have touched us and I am sure many others as well. Our prayer is that both of you are home soon and back with your family.
Jeff & DDee & kids

Corey, Kelly, Alex, Blaize said...

We are still praying!!!! Miss you guys!!!

Anonymous said...

Praying for more progress than ever tomorrow!

Kara and Dave said...

Praying today is a good day Emily.