Thursday, November 20, 2008

Doing Better

Janis called with an updated report. She said that the kidney doctor came in and said he didn't plan on doing dialysis. He believes her kidneys are coming back and he's watching to see that they come back all the way. She put out 380 cc's in one hour today!! That's awesome! But they're also looking for the kidneys to clean her blood and the oxygen level, etc. But we're hopeful.
The lung doctor came in and he lowered the oxygen level on the ventilator even more today. One of the doctors is planning on taking Emily downstairs and removing fluid from her abdomen like they did for her lungs the other day. This should help her a whole lot! They've quit feeding her through the nose tube because they think that's what was making her so nauseated. Instead, they're feeding her intravenously. She's still been nauseated some, but she seems to be better.
Luke was so excited today.  He wasn't there when Emily "woke up." He was with the kids. So when he called Janis this morning to give her the update, he said, "Emily's back! She wouldn't let me have the remote control---she wanted to decide what was on t.v.!" Ha! I think that's GREAT!! Way to go, Emily!! (One for the girls!)
Janis had some help today. A friend of Emily's came to stay with the kids while she got out and ran some errands. She said when this friend had the kids pick up all the toys before she left, Abigail was directing them, showing them where everything went. Janis is beginning to feel the  sleep deprivation---getting up with a newborn at night, not getting naps, etc. I know she'd appreciate your prayers for her stamina.
Let's pray that removing this fluid from Emily's abdomen makes a world of difference!

Psalm 84:12
"O LORD Almighty, blessed is the man who trusts in you."

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Holly said...

Praise God for the improvements! Praying that the stomach fluid removal will increase your comfort!!