Sunday, November 16, 2008


Janis is Emily's mom. She came to stay and help Emily after Sarah was born October 26. So she was here when crisis struck the Panter household. Mike, Emily's dad, came as soon as he could for the surgery to repair Emily's aorta. And then Mike had to go back to Albuquerque to work. He & Jonathan, Emily's brother, plan on coming to be with their family for Thanksgiving. Mike plans on driving down on Wednesday evening from Albuquerque to Dallas and then turning around and driving back on Saturday to be at his church on Sunday to preach. I asked Janis to please let me make this need known thinking that someone might happen to have some frequent flyer tickets so that Mike & Jonathan could fly instead of drive---and so they'd have more time together. I know it's been hard for Mike & Janis to be apart this long already and Janis plans on staying even longer. So....if you have some frequent flyer miles that can be quickly turned into tickets for 2 people to fly from Albuquerque to Dallas---round trip---would you please contact me? My email address is
Thank you so much!!

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