Sunday, November 23, 2008

Quiet Day

I talked to Luke & Janis both tonight. Luke had gone to see Emily this morning and said she was doing well. Janis said Kim had come to see Emily and washed her hair and gave her a pedicure--Janis had given her a manicure yesterday. Kim's mom is a nurse and told Kim how to shampoo Emily's hair in the bed. Janis said it was awesome--and she could go into the business! I'm sure that must have felt wonderful for someone who's been in the bed for almost a month!! Thank you, Kim!!
The other good thing that happened today was that Emily was moved up from a clear liquid diet to a liquid diet. So tonight she had cream soup and pudding. Janis said she only took about 8 bites, but she said it tasted good.
Luke said that his dad came over tonight to help him with the van and when they went to start it up, it started up just fine! Maybe God healed that van!
Please pray for Emily & Janis to get some sleep tonight. They're both exhausted. Janis is trying to sleep in an uncomfortable recliner in a lighted, noisy room.
Tomorrow, Emily is set to have 3 hours of the T-bar on her trach. It will be quite a workout! Let's pray she gets plenty of rest tonight so she's ready to work tomorrow.
Thank you so much for hanging in there with us and praying for Emily!!

Proverbs 3:24
"...when you lie down, you will not be afraid; when you lie down, your sleep will be sweet."


amy wright said...

Emily, I am praying for sweet, sweet sleep tonight.

Anonymous said...

I'm praying for a quiet, peaceful,sleep tonight for you, Emily and for Janis. I'm also praying that Emily will soon be in a regular room, and that Janis will be able to sleep in a bed. Thank you, God for giving Emily such a wonderful mother and for hearing our prayers, and the miraculous healing You've already provided!

Becky Dietz said...

You're so blessed to be surrounded by people who love you and care about you so deeply---and are willing to sacrifice their time and comforts to minister to you. You're going to be so blown away when you are able to go back and read this blog and see what everyone has done. I'm praying for sweet sleep for you and your mom both tonight!

Anonymous said...

I have been praying for you, Emily, and for your family. I do have question/suggestion - is it possible and would it be helpful to have quiet, peaceful, music (maybe instrumental or nature sounds) playing in the hospital room to help eliminate the other hospital noises during the night or rest times? Just a thought.

Kim said...

Thank you for that suggestion. Em is listening to praise music on her MP3 player, but it just isn't really helping to drown out the noise. The way it's set up is that she's in the same big room with 4 other patients and the only thing dividing them are curtains. So, she's able to hear everything that goes on with every other patient, etc. Thanks so much for your prayers!