Saturday, November 1, 2008

Emily Awake

Kim just called with an update. The doctors are taking Emily off of the sedation a little at a time. She opened her eyes and responded to Luke some as he began explaining to her where she was and what had happened. She was confused and cried some and was very frustrated with the ventilator. They are going to have to do dialysis again today. They are trying to wean her off of the ventilator, so they're turning the oxygen level down a little.
Prayer Needs:
*Pray that Emily stays comfortable as they reduce the sedation, oxygen level and pain medication.
*Pray that Emily's kidneys begin functioning properly.
*Pray for her emotions--that she will understand what is going on and not be fearful.
*Pray for Luke--it's tough being in his shoes.
*Pray that the doctors have wisdom and great skill as they minister to Emily.
*Pray that Emily has favor with nurses and doctors.
*Pray for everything going on at home---that the kids will adjust to a different schedule and different caregivers.
Thank you for praying. We knew going in that this would be an emotional roller coaster--knowing there would be good days and not-so-good days. Keep lifting Emily & Luke up to the Great Physician.
Deuteronomy 7:9
"Know therefore that the LORD your
God is God; he is the faithful God, keeping his covenant of love to a thousand generations of those who love him and keep his commands."


Knock On Wood said...

Dear Lord, Thank you for the miracles that you are performing in Emily's body. We ask for even more miracles Lord - that her mind and body will be restored. God we know what a witness this precious family is to their church family, the staff, drs. and nurses. We lift each family member up God that they will continue to be strong and courageous!

Becky Dietz said...

Ok, Emily. I'm jealous. Do you realize I've had a blog for almost 4 months and it's taken me that long to have a little over 3000 people stop by? And here you've had a blog for 4 days and have exceed that by over 1000! You are one popular lady!!
(You know I'm kidding---love you bunches and praying continually!)

Anonymous said...

I don't know exactly what you are going through but I do know how it feels to be in a strange place away from those you love the most and to feel hopeless and helpless. I know how scary that is...but you are never really alone! God is holding you in the palm of His hand waiting until just the right time when your body is strong enough that you can rejoin your will be here before you know it!

Love and prayers...
Holly Ward

Deborah51 said...

I've been doing a Bible Study called "Living Beyond Yourself" by Beth Moore. Today I studied God's faithfulness. One of the verses she referenced was Deut 7:9 "Know therefore that the LORD your God is God; He is the faithful God, keeping His covenant of love to thousands of generations." She also gave some teaching on faithfulness: Faithfulness is: Resting in His certainty, being persuaded by His honesty, trusting in His reality, being won over by His veracity, being sure that He is sure and believing He's worth believing. God is certain, true and enduring, as is everything about Him. His Word exists, His Word is truth, and His Word will last forever. God could not be faithful without certainty...for He must be dependable. God could not be faithful without truth...for He must be trustworthy. And God could not be faithful without endurance...for He must persist." Deut 7:9; Deut32:3-4; Ps 33:4; Ps 111:7-8; Ps 117:2; Ps145:13; Lam 3:22-23.
Glorious praises be to our Faithful God. He is healing our Emily!
Deborah Yates