Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sunday's Update

Janis is staying at the hospital while Luke goes home and spends time with the kids for a couple of days. I'm sure they're needing their daddy for awhile! And Lily has a doctor's appointment tomorrow, so Luke will see that she gets there. That's been one of my biggest prayers---that Luke would know where to be--and when. I'm sure his mind is going a dozen different directions with all of the needs around him. So please pray for him.
Emily had a good day. She was totally awake. Of course, Janis said that every time she goes in to see Emily, she has to tell her where she is and why she's there. She's frustrated with not being able to communicate and she's also uncomfortable. Janis laughed and said that one time when she went in, Emily was scooting over in the bed and wanted her mom to climb into the bed with her. But she seemed to be content that Janis sat beside her.
Her blood count was down today and they're not sure why. They are testing her for what they think is old blood in her stool. (SORRY, Em!!) But they want to find the source of that problem. Her eyes are still a little yellow, so she's still a little jaundiced. They did not give her dialysis today but she's having great output. Her stomach is still distended. We're guessing that has confused Emily some. Janis said Emily thought she was still pregnant. But Janis keeps reminding her every time she goes in to see her that Sarah is born and showing her the pictures of Sarah.
Healing just takes time sometimes, doesn't it? But boy!! We serve a mighty God who is able to do all things well. We're amazed when we think of where we were 2 1/2 weeks ago. Emily has come a long way. Please pray for all of these little things as they come up---that they would be resolved quickly and completely. We're blessed that you're hanging in there with us! God bless you guys. We wouldn't want to walk this without you and your prayers!!

Psalm 138:8
The LORD will fulfill his purpose for me; your love, O LORD, endures forever— do not abandon the works of your hands.


The Burk's said...

So encouraged to hear such good reports on Emily. :) We are still praying for Emily and the family. We are addicted to checking this blog several times a day to check the lastest progress. Thank you God for what you are doing in Emily's life, thank you for healing her body, please be with her and her precious family. Give Luke, her mother, and her children, your peace and love. Encourage them daily with your renewed grace and love.
The Burk's

Lindsey said...

You just keeping hanging in there, Emily. You are so strong, and I am encouraged by your stubbornness. I know God is going to surround you with peace and strength today. We love you!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for keeping this blog. We check it several times a day. We love you Panter Family.

Jason and Carmen Collett