Monday, November 10, 2008

A Word of Thanks

You guys are just incredible! We put a word out for a need...and Boom! It's taken care of. I talked to Janis and she asked me to give a huge thanks to neighbor, Paula Kiser. She is Luke & Emily's neighbor and I think she's brought meals for a week! You are awesome, Paula! Then some women from First United Methodist Church brought by a quilt that they had prayed over for Emily. That is such a wonderful idea. I can't wait to see it! Maybe someone can take a photo of it so we can all see it. Janis also said that PALS from the high school (a future leaders group) brought by gift cards to Wal-Mart and some bags of food and various items. First Baptist Henderson has sent a case each of size 1 and size 3 diapers and a gift card for more. And Emily B. is bringing diapers, wipes, kid-friendly lunch foods, etc.
I know this by no means includes everyone that has helped! I know Emily's CBS class has helped...friends have filled in babysitting, taking kids to school, taking kids to daycare, offered to loan their car, offered to rake and bag leaves, offered to clean house, taken them out to eat, brought meals by, put money in Luke's hand, put money in Janis's hand, sent cards with donations, sent donations through the internet. You guys are just amazing. We've had large and small gifts given through the internet--and literally from all over the world! One person gave a gift and said they'd been through tough times and wanted to buy a gallon of milk for the kids. God knows each gift you've given, each gesture you've made--I only wish I knew everyone's name so we could thank you each publicly. And I'm sure there are gifts I have no idea about!! And God knows about all the needs this family has. Thank you so much for reaching out so quickly when you know of a need.
You're just the BEST!

Deuteronomy 28:6
"You will be blessed when you come in and blessed when you go out."

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