Saturday, November 8, 2008

I am so happy to be at Baylor Medical with Emily and Luke this weekend. I'm also excited to see Emily's blog! I want to give a HUGE shout-out of thanks to my sister-in-law Becky for all her tireless work putting this blog together. She's had a lot of help from her son David, too, for which we're thankful. Everyone in Quinlan who calls or comes by the house say how thankful they are for the ability to get updates on Emily's condition, current prayer requests, etc.
Emily seemed to be resting better when we saw her at 11:15. Her temperature is still 101 and the elevated white blood cells indicates some level of infection. They are giving her a broad spectrum antibiotic, and are hoping lab results can pinpoint the problem for them.
The dialysis is working well, pulling off large levels of fluid and her blood pressure is handling that fine. As Becky has already posted, her kidneys are producing more today also.

Technology is a wonderful tool, and I'm so thankful for all the emails, comments, cards, phone calls (two from Chilean friends this week!) and, most of all, the constant prayer support for Em and our families. The loving support from God's family gives me strength as I pray for my precious Emily and kiss on her precious children.

My love to all,


Kim said...

Love you so much, Janis. You have been so amazing through all of this. Emily will be so proud of the way you've stepped up to love her kids and to take care of all the things you've taken care of. I want you to take some time to sit and take care of you. I've been so blessed and challenged to watch you handle this situation. To see your faith and the way you've trusted the Lord with every new twist and turn You're AMAZING!! I love you!

Julie Simmons said...

I want to post a website that may be of encouragement to all of you, and later to Emily. Last year, my sister went through a similar situation when her 3 year old was in an accident and on a ventilator for 15 days. Much of the day to day journey your family is walking through reminds me of hers. God's work is all over the place in their story, as it will continue to be in Emily's. So...for some time when sleep doesn't come easily, I pray that God will minister to you through

Praying with you, Jody and Julie Simmons, Breckenridge, TX (Jody was in Andy's youth group in Borger)

PawPaw Bill said...

Janis, I'm glad you were able to make this post and pass on all of our thanks and respects to Becky for the excellent work she does in keeping us all informed on Em's condition. It is a blessing beyond all words what it means to the family anxious for every bit of info we can receive on her. As I told you before I knew who was doing the posting, it is complete and well written, but certainly informative. Give her my thanks in your comunications with her. Dad

Linda Clark said...

We have been praying for all of you these days. I am so glad Janis you are with Emily this weekend. May God continue to give you, Emily and Luke strength to get through each day and with improvement. We think of you all often from Chile. Bill and Linda Clark