Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Janis' Update

Janis gave me an update this morning. She said Emily is about the same. The pulmonologist came in and the oxygen level had been at 18%. He lowered it to 10%, but Emily couldn't tolerate it, so he moved it back up to 14% and will leave it there today. They have to get her level at a stable 5% before they can remove the ventilator.
She also told me there was some confusion about Emily's kidney output. She IS producing some output---just not enough. And if it's below normal, the medical professionals just don't count it. So...it's just a waiting game right now. They're trying to limit their visits with Emily because she gets agitated and frustrated---and she just needs to rest.
The two oldest kids are back in school and Emily's friends from her Bible Fellowship group are taking the younger two to childcare with them. And tomorrow, a friend is coming to take those two to Library Hour. Their friends are just amazing!! And it gives Janis a much-needed break. She said she was so happy today when she found the Mylicon (gas drops) in the house for baby Sarah! ha! God bless Mylicon!!
Once again....thank you for praying. We're in awe of how far-reaching the prayers are.


As We Are said...

Waiting on the Lord in hard times is such a struggle. It seems that God is teaching me a lot about waiting on Him and His timing. We pray with you as you wait.

Psalm 5:3
In the morning, O Lord, You hear my voice;
in the morning I lay my requests before you and WAIT in expectation.

God, we know you have heard our cries for Emily and her family, and now we wait, with expectation, on the complete healing of her kidneys and body. Give that sweet family hope in Your unfailing word and promises, and perserverance for this time.

Kim said...


I just got word today that my 8th grade girls prayed for you this morning in their Bible class. Everyone at school is asking about you constantly and they all tell me they're praying. You are so loved and so many people are waiting expectantly for the miraculous things Jesus will continue to do in your body. Jesus, be with Em now. It's so hard for me not to be up there with her and Luke and Janis. Just fall upon her with fresh renewal, Lord Jesus. Do something new and amazing in her as she rests today. Have sweet conversations with her as she sleeps, reminding her of your love and your purpose for her. Let her know that everything's taken care of...your provision is perfect, Lord, we thank you for that. Heal Emily, Lord Jesus. Heal her, please, God. Speak life to her kidneys, God, please let them start functioning the way they are supposed to, Jesus. And if you choose to not heal them, Lord, please begin making provision for what's next. We love you and thank you for your faithfulness! AMEN!

Kara and Dave said...

Still praying in Dalhart.

Anonymous said...

From Chile, we are praying for you. Our wonderful God will fill your souls with His Heavenly Peace.
Gamaliel Zapata y Mireya Vega.