Friday, November 7, 2008

Today's News

Luke told me that we're still just plugging along. Praise God there have been no big surprises today. He's waiting to hear from the kidney doctor, but the lung doctor told him they might do a tracheotomy on Emily. It's a possibility.
Her heart rate is low which indicates she's heavily sedated. Her urine output is nothing to get excited about, Luke said. She is still jaundiced today.
Luke said a nurse told them that the short-term vision for Emily is that there will be not-so-good reports. They expect things like this for someone who's been through this kind of trauma. So there won't be many victories in the short-term vision. She may degress before she progresses. But....we're praying for total victory in the long-term. She encouraged them to think in the long-term.
The kids are going to the country to be with Grandma & Grandpa this weekend. It just worked out to be what would work best. So...for those who had signed up for meals tonight and tomorrow night....they won't be needed. I hope to get an email out quickly to those people. But if you know them, you might call and let them know. Janis will be at the hospital with Emily this weekend. Family will be back at the house on Sunday night.
Luke & I both hope that no one is offended over asking you not to call them right now. We're honestly trying to give you information as quickly as we can through this blog!   I know you only want them to know you love them and care about them---and they know---truly, they do.  They're just overwhelmed.  Luke said that he knows he couldn't make it without all of you. And he especially loves his church family.  Thank you for caring so deeply.  We're grateful for your outpouring of love.  And please know that I don't always convey Luke's heart like Luke would.  
Please continue praying for Emily. Thank you so much!!


Anonymous said...

How Beautiful the hands that served
The Wine and the Bread and the sons of the earth
How beautiful the feet that walked
The long dusty road and the hill to the cross
How Beautiful, how beautiful, how beautiful is the body of Christ

How Beautiful the heart that bled
That took all my sins and bore it instead
How beautiful the tender eyes
That choose to forgive and never despise
How beautiful, how beautiful, how beautiful is the body of Christ

And as He lay down His life
We offer this sacrifice
That we will live just as He died
Willing to pay the price
Willing to pay the price

How Beautiful the radiant bride
Who waits for her Groom with His light in her eyes
How Beautiful when humble hearts give
The fruit of pure love so that others may live
How beautiful, how beautiful, how beautiful is the body of Christ

How beautiful the feet that bring
The sound of good news and the love of the King
How Beautiful the hands that serve
The wine and the bread and the sons of the Earth

neighbor said...

Got the message about dinner tonight (Friday). Thanks for all the updates. Still praying every moment.

Anonymous said...

I do not know Emily personally, but wanted you to know that many are praying for her complete healing and God is listening.

Caroline said...

We remember Emily as an MK in Chile Even as a child, at mission meetings when all the MKs from up and down the country got together, Emily looked out for the little kids who wanted desperately to keep up with the older MK cousins and just couldn't. Her compassion was palpable. Our thoughts and prayers are with all of the family in these difficult days. We serve a miracle worker and know that she is in His hands. Blessings and gentle hugs to all of you. Archie and Caroline Jones, Birmingham, AL

Kim said...


Jeff's leaving town with the youth this weekend, so I probably won't be able to come up and see you until Sunday night,but I'll be calling to check on you every morning. I talked to your nurse today and she was telling me that everyone at the hospital is learning through you. They're not used to seeing patients who actually live through what you've been through. Everyone's amazed. Just keep fighting, baby. We need you! Jesus, hold our sweet Emily in your big big arms tonight and allow her to feel so much peace as she breathes in the scent of the one who created her. Help her to feel safe and to know you're taking care of Luke and the kids, too. Thank you, Jesus, that your compassion is new everyday. Thank you that you are big enough to take it when we question your motives and you love us anyway. There are so many reasons we love you Jesus..thank you for being so good to us. AMEN!