Sunday, November 9, 2008

Emily looked much better to me when we went in at 8:15 this morning. She was much more awake and aware of her state which meant she was distressed, thrashing around and pulling at her arm restraints. While it was hard to see her this way, I thought it was a good sign. She undertood me when I told her just to squeeze my hand and relax everything else, and she squeezed very hard! They gave her some more meds to ease her discomfort and help her relax.
We saw both the lung and kidney doctors who were covering this weekend, so to summarize her situation:
they've pulled a lot of fluid off, but she is still edemic

her lungs look great, and the dr. lowered her PEEPS from 10 to 6 so she can breathe more on her own because she is so much stronger than she has been the past two days

the kidney doctor said everything is looking good, but the fact that her kidneys are making urine means nothing, that people on dialysis still make urine (news to me), and he expects her kidneys to come back, but won't promise that they will

the nurse said because her temperature has gone back up again this morning they plan on doing another scan of her abdomen to see if anything is going on with the surgical area.

So... all in all it is good news, I think.

Thanks for the prayers!!

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