Saturday, November 22, 2008

Working Hard

I talked to Janis tonight and she said that Emily worked hard all day. They put the T-bar on her trach twice today and Janis said you can tell that it's hard work. But Emily crossed the finish line both times!
Get this....she had clear liquids today! I had no idea she would be eating this soon. But Janis said she had jello, juices and lots of drinks. They're thinking this will help the bile situation. Emily has also told them she doesn't want anymore medicines that make her feel weird.
Jeff & Kim (brother & sister-in-law) have been there all afternoon and evening visiting. So that's been a breath of fresh air for Janis & Emily.
They hope to have Emily in a regular room next week. But of course, she has to be off of the ventilator--and she's going through the steps of getting off. The fact that she's working so hard is a great sign that it will happen.
Janis said a nurse indicated that after she is ready for rehab, it's a possibility that she could be moved to Greenville----which would certainly help Luke. Let's pray that God opens this door!
Speaking of Luke, he and his brother have been working on a surprise (shhhh....) for Emily for when she gets home. They've installed---or are installing---a Jacuzzi tub! When I called Luke, they were trying to figure out the faucet situation. Emily is going to be so pleased!!
OH! And Luke is preaching at his church tomorrow! YEA!
Thank you for praying Emily through this day---it certainly did help!


Julie Simmons said...

when my nephew "woke up" from his accident, they thought he would need long-term therapy. he wasn't walking or talking. he went home with a feeding tube, speech and physical therapy. then he just took off! within a couple of weeks, he was completely back to his old self! being with his family was the greatest rehab of all! i am praying the same quick recovery for Emily. thanks for letting us share this incredible journey!

amy wright said...

Oh, Emily, I hope that you get to go home soon!! It's so great to be able to write that...that you WILL get to go home!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Way to go Emily!!!! Keep up the fight. We are praying for you daily and we check your progress two or more times a day. We love you and Luke very much.

Jason and Carmen Collett

Kim said...


I had a great day with you today. There aren't words to tell you how incredibly proud I am of you. It was so refreshing to see your beautiful smile and hear your voice. One thought I had today was "How on earth does she still look so beautiful with all those tubes in and after going through everything she's been through!" You're just gorgeous...such a miracle. You are doing such a great job of hanging in're fighting so hard and we're so thankful for that. I love you!

Linda Clark said...

I prayed for a good nights sleep tonight for you Emily. We love you and we know God will continue to do good works and miracles in your life. Love to your mom, Linda