Tuesday, November 4, 2008

While we wait....

While we wait on a new word of Emily's status, I thought you might enjoy some pictures that Aunt Holly sent of the Panter kids. And we STILL don't have a picture of baby Sarah! If there's a friend that lives nearby that has a digital camera and knows how to send a picture, let me know!


amy wright said...

The pictures are all sweet. The bottom picture of Hannah, makes me think of sitting in the tree in Mama and Papa's backyard. It looks like Emily up in the tree.
Those are some of my favorite memories, when the Mike Dietz family would come home on furlough and I had my automatic best friend (Em) with me 24/7...that is, when Uncle Mike would let her come over. Uncle Mike was so good at saying "no". As a kid, I was completely intimidated. As an adult, I chuckle. :) But we would spend HOURS up in the attic trying on all of Mama's old clothes, shoes and jewelry. I wish that we had video of us trying to walk around in those heels...I'm sure it was a sight.
AND, I remember going to make that recording in the studio at the mall. Emily and I were so excited and Matt and Jeff were totally embarrassed. But when we got in there, the guys took over (!!!, ha) and made us sing back up...hee hee! The guys thought that they sounded so great (of course, so did we). My very favorite part of that tape was when Emily's voice dipped on her solo in "Somewhere Out There". We laughed so hard every time we listened to that part. Do we still have that recording??
I love all of you so much and I am praying for each of you today...especially for Emily.

Leslieann said...

I'm Leslieann...a member of Luke and Emily's church. Emily is my friend and even took care of my daughter Ellie for a while. I'll be glad to go by and take some photos of Sarah. I have a camera and can easily send them to you. Just let me know where to send the photos and I'll get some cute ones to you.