Thursday, November 6, 2008

No new news....

But here is a picture Luke sent me yesterday to show you.  This is a picture of the Panter family taken this summer when they went to visit Emily's parents, Mike & Janis, & brother, Jonathan, in Albuquerque.  Emily was pregnant with Sarah. 


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Kim said...


Sweet Emily. I'm struggling today. I called your cell phone today becasue I thought Luke was using it and I heard your sweet voice on the voicemail. I'm ready to hear that voice again. I'm ready to see your sweet smile, to "discuss" our feelings about current things going on in our nation. I would give anything to call you tonight and set up a "date" to grill burgers and play shanghai rummy this weekend. Do you think you could get better in time?;) I'm just so proud of your fight. We keep hearing over and over how lucky you are to be alive and we know it's true. God has granted us a miracle of biblical purportions and you're in the center of it. WOW! Sometimes I lose sight of that when I don't feel like God is handling this situation the way I would!:) I know He's doing what's best for you and I'll trust Him. I love you. I'm so thankful for you....for your sweet,merciful spirit that always sees the good in each person you meet. For you heart that longs passionately for Jesus and His word. For the incredible momma you are to your babies. I can remember coming to your house in Greenville and seeing the kids' color collages on the wall and thinking "How in the world does she have time for this. I barely have time to get my kids our of their jammies before Jeff gets home!" And let's not even mention your incredible ability to bake the most amazing sweet stuff ever. Especially that chocolate swirly pound cake. Would you PLEASE make that for me when you get better?:) I remember coming over to play cards in Amarillo after you'd made that and having to restrain myself to not eat the WHOLE thing by myself. You're such a precious part of all of our lives and we long for the day when we have you back with us. Love you, sweet girl! Rest well tonight in the shadow of His wings as He sings his songs of love over you.