Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Nauseous Wednesday

Bless Emily's heart! She's still throwing up. Luke said it happens when they suction her tracheotomy/vent. He's trying to encourage her to do deep-breathing so she can just get off of that thing and get well. In fact, that's also what is preventing her from going to a regular room---the ventilator. If she can get off of that, she can be moved. And Luke's hoping that happens by Thanksgiving---so the kids can come see their mom. Let's ask God for that!! Wouldn't that just be the best thing for the Panter family?
Luke's mom is coming next Tuesday and taking the kids to the country through the next Sunday. So they'll be with their grandma and granddad for Thanksgiving. Of course, if Emily is moved to a regular room, they'll make the trip to come see her!

Would you bless Luke and Emily this way? Would you help Emily breathe deeply and build up her lungs? Would you help her so that she can get off of the ventilator---and the trach? Father, You've done so much and we're just asking You to complete the good work You've already begun. We praise You that You do all things well. We come in agreement asking for this miracle. And Father, please settle Emily's stomach. Help them find the medicine to prevent her from being sick. In Jesus' name, Amen.


Anonymous said...

Lord Jesus, I ask that right now you'd come to this family in a way they have not seen before. God I ask that your hand would touch Emilys body and that each and every thing that the enemy tries to do would fail. God we pray for strength in her lungs, in the name of Jesus. We pray for freedom from any and every type of infection, in the name of Jesus. We ask that you would allow her kidneys and her organs to work as you intended them to work, in the name of Jesus. God, I don't know this family, but my heart is touched by their story. Bring others into their life who will pray for Luke and Emily. I thank you for this family and ask for complete healing abd restoration in Jesus name! Amen.

Kim said...


Speak! Speak peace over sweet Emily's body now. Acomplish your purpose in her through this Jesus. Allow her to feel you so near. Hold her close in your big daddy arms and allow her to find refuge just totally relax knowing you're taking care of every single thing, Lord. You are so good. I declare that today...I'm so thankful for all you've done for Em and for us. Just be her comforter now, Lord. Draw close, Jesus. I pray that this minute a warmth of peace would envelope her and she would know that you're near and that your people are interceding on her behalf, Lord. Heal her tummy, Lord Jesus. Please just do it...allow her to get off of that stupid ventilator and begin the process that will lead her home, God. We love you!