Sunday, November 30, 2008


I talked to Luke who is with Emily right now and he said that Emily got out of bed and was walking so much better---turning corners by herself and moving around much better. He was so impressed. Emily said she didn't feel stronger, but Luke thinks she is. Of course, she's still very sore. She said her muscles are really sore.
She's still coughing quite a bit. Luke is hoping to see her doctor tomorrow and find out why she's coughing and see if there's something they can do for it. It's really bothering Emily.
Luke preached this morning!! He said he mostly shared his testimony from this experience. I told him I wish we could upload it to the blog so we could all hear it. He chuckled. (It didn't sound too promising from his end---but maybe if there's a church member out there....and there was a tape....) He said there was a great crowd this morning and even some visitors. I know he was very glad to be back "home."
Luke has asked if we can sign up on the calendar to visit Emily. I'm going to have to ask David to extend our calendar to include visiting hours. But the main purpose is so Emily will not be alone. And if you wouldn't mind signing on the calendar when you can visit, Luke could check it each day and know if there are available hours where he can be at home with the kids. This will especially help after Janis leaves and Luke has more "kid duty." I believe the visiting hours are 6 a.m.--9 p.m. If you feel comfortable with Emily and can go visit for an hour (or more), we'd love for you to sign up to visit her. That will also help everyone to know if she already has visitors scheduled, too. If the calendar already has something (like a meal) on the time you plan to visit, you can still click on the check mark and add your visit on that time, too. They're open to "pop-in" visitors also, but these scheduled visits would help Luke schedule his times to be there. That would be a great ministry to them both. And I know Emily would love to start seeing her friends.
THANK YOU!! This rehabilitation process is bigger than the Panter family. Please know how much we appreciate you!


Teresa McNeil said...

What a blessing it was to hear Luke give his testimony this morning! We were all blessed by hearing Luke share his heart and unfailing faith and love in our Awesome Father! I am sorry we didn't have a recorder....we will have to remember that for next time!

Brittney said...

Praising God with tears of joy! Emily- I continue to pray for you and your family and celebrate each victory.

the Jones' in Dallas said...

Luke and Emily,
This is wonderful news, and such an answer to prayer! We continue to lift you up before our God!
Martin and Fiona Jones
FBC Rockwall

Anonymous said...

What good news! Just think, Emily will be able to spend Christmas with her family at home...what a wonderful Christmas gift!!