Sunday, November 9, 2008

I did some editing of the very FIRST post about Emily's injury to clarify some of the information. Some have thought the problem is in her leg, but it is in the iliac artery in her abdomen. Check the first post again if your really interested. :-)



Linda Clark said...

Bill, Mindy and I continue to pray for Emily and your family. My sons and their friends are praying also. They remember the kids from Chile. I love the bog because it helps me know exactly how to pray. Janis I am so glad you have had some time with Emily.

Kim said...

I apologize. I probably caused some of the confusion there. I think our first reports were that it was her right aorta where it split off into her right leg. I'm sorry if my wrong info misled anyone. Thanks for praying. It's a good thing God knows what's going on even when we're confused!:)

Joy Bates said...

The Bates Family, Robert, Joy, Julie, Jenny and Robin, are praying for you. We will continue to read the blog and pray daily. We will also share the request with our friends.

Lori Spikes said...

We just learned about Emily's situation today. Our prayers our with Emily and her family. We will continue to follow the blog.
Lori and Jim Spikes
Missionaries in Chile