Friday, November 14, 2008

Good Output!

I talked to Janis tonight and she said that Emily had had good urine output all day today. They don't think the doctor will order dialysis tomorrow because of it.
She also said Emily was still really "out of it" because of the sedation she'd had for the surgery. They still haven't gotten results of the test on the fluid from her lungs. But the doctor had told them she would breathe much easier after getting all of that fluid off!
Please continue praying. God is answering!


oveja said...

Que alegria que todo está saliendo bien, Dios responde a las oraciones.
Nos han gustado mucho las fotos que ponen de emily y su familia, en particular en la que sale con lily, es muy tierna.
Que Dios siga bendiciendo a toda la familia
Con mucho cariño desde Chile

Ivania Arenas y Cristian Jara

Dana Van Steenbergen said...

Dear Jesus, thank you for what you are doing in Emily's life. We are amazed at the wonder of you! Lord, I pray that during this time of rest for Emily, that she would feel your presence so strongly that when she is home with her family she will be changed because she has been with you. Jesus, be so close to her now, hold her so closely that she can feel your breath on her cheek. May this time be a healing process for her spirit and her body. Heal any confusion she might have and replace it with your peace.
Continue to give peace to Luke that you are in control and through this difficult time you will show him how he can minister to others who have been in a critical crisis such as this. Lord, we know that the plans you have for Emily and Luke and the Panter family is not to harm them but to give them a hope and a future. That future is in your love.
Continue to show the body of Christ how they can help this precious family. Be your hands and feet, Jesus. Be glorified by what they are doing to minister at this time.
Lord, we thank you for your love, grace and mercy. Your mercies are new every morning. Continue to show your self and your glory in these lives. Amen!

Kim said...


Good job Emily....I'm so proud of you sweet girl!:)