Saturday, November 8, 2008


Luke called and told me what to title this blog! He said that there's been improvement today. Emily's had 25-35 cc's urine output today compared to the 5-10 she's been having! That's a huge breakthrough! They said it may not be "great urine" at this point, but it's a good start. Luke asked the nurse if she'd ever seen it turn around and go back down after they'd started good output. She said she hadn't...but she also said she "wasn't God." Luke told her it was ok to give us encouragement---we'll take all we can get!!
He also said her temperature was down. They don't think they've discovered the source of the infection, but this antibiotic probably will take care of whatever it was.
Janis had told Kim, who also called, that Emily also appeared less stressed than she had been. They've kept the MP3 player playing praise music last night and today and they can see a visible difference in Emily. Luke said she was still swollen on the lower half of her body, but the upper half seems to be going down. They also think her jaundice may be better.
Luke said his Aunt Sherry came and took him and Janis to lunch at El Fenix. They had a great time with her and ate some great food. I think it's so helpful for the family to get a change of scenery occassionally! Thank you, Sherry---what a great idea!
Luke said his younger brother Seth has been helping out with the kids this weekend. He's never had the opportunity to be around the Panter kids much, so I think he's really enjoying it. He took Hannah & Noah to a high school football game last night--which they loved! I think he finished out his evening holding Baby Sarah. Then this morning, he brought over doughnuts for the kids and then took Hannah, Noah & Abigail to a movie this afternoon. It sounds like the kids have had a great time with Uncle Seth!! (And I'm sure Barbara & Sam have appreciated the extra set of hands!)
As you can tell, we're encouraged with this piece of news about Emily. Luke said he'd call again after the 8:15 visiting time and let us know if there's any change.
Thank you so much for praying. I know God is hearing...and answering.

Psalm 69:30
"I will praise God's name in song and glorify him with thanksgiving."


Knock On Wood said...

Praise God. We keep on praying for restoration!

Lindsey said...


As We Are said...

What an encouraging post! It's so good to hear the Luke and Janis were able to recieve great news today. I know that gives them a boost of new energy! Yay! On we pray!

amy wright said...

This is so great to hear. Luke, Mike, Janis, we love you so much and we are praying constantly. God is most powerful!!!

Becky Dietz said...

EMILY!!! YEA!! I'm so excited over this good news today. I believe it's because you were listening to praises to God that your body responded the way it has. You're doing so well. We're celebrating with you tonight!
Roses on your pillow...

Kim said...

Sweet Emily,

I've never been so excited to hear about someone peeing in all of my life!(Not even when the boys were potty that's BIG!) YOU GO GIRL!! I'm so so so proud of are working so hard at getting better. I love you, sweet girl, and can't wait to see what great news tomorrow brings!