Thursday, November 6, 2008

Food For The Panters

If you would like to help out by bringing food to the Panters, please visit our new calendar page to set the date and time. To make your entry to the calendar, click on the "checkmark" button on the date and time when you will be bringing your food. This will open a new page. On the new page, under the "Brief Description" field, put "DINNER" and in the "Full Description" field enter what you will bring (ex: Lasagna, garlic bread, & banana pudding). You can also set the time that you will be bringing dinner. At the top, you will see the tab "Participants." Click on that tab and in the "External Participants" field enter your name and email address, then click the "Save" button. You're done! You can look at the example given on November 5, at 5 PM. If you're intimidated by this, then just email me at and I'll fill it in for you! If you email, give me your name, day you want to bring food, meal you plan to bring and time.
Please know that the kids get hungry at 5:00. And...we only need one meal per night. If you can't bring a meal til later, it may be what Janis serves the kids the next night. This calendar is very user-friendly, and sounds more complicated than it really is--I promise! But it will allow the family to have a more scheduled meal, and also allow you to know if someone has already planned to bring them food or not. If the date and time is already filled in, please find another time you can bring a meal. You can also see what others have taken as meals and not duplicate the same thing. And feel free to do things like ordering pizza and having it delivered! PLEASE bring disposable containers so the family doesn't have to return dishes to you!
We know that everyone in the Quinlan area doesn't have internet. If you'd like to help out by calling friends and then filling in the time slots for them, we'd really appreciate your help! If you can bring a meal tonight, let us know!!
Thank you, everyone, for your gracious and giving hearts! Along with the online donations, this is another incredible way that you are meeting needs.

*One more idea if you'd like to help out and don't live in the Quinlan area. Since Janis is taking care of her 5 grandchildren each day, I know she's going to run out of steam when it comes to cleaning house. If you'd like to hire Merry Maids to come in and clean, they service the Quinlan area. They even have a coupon to use online. ( Just email me at and I'll help you arrange it!

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