Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Still Nauseous

Emily has still been nauseous today. The meds they're giving her for that don't seem to be working well, Luke said. She's been fluctuating between being hot and cold today---just trying to get comfortable.
The lung doctor came in and cut back on her oxygen level on the ventilator and intends to do that every day to wean her from it---as long as she tolerates it.
Luke said Emily had been "talking" to him all morning---through the white board, I'm assuming. We didn't get to talk long because he got on an elevator and we lost our connection.
So please keep praying that the nausea goes away!!


Anonymous said...

I am praying for that pesky nausea to go away!!!!!!!

Kim said...

Lord Jesus,

As I'm praying for Em right now, I'm reminded of the time you calmed the storm for your friends. Would you calm Em's stomach the way you calmed that storm, Lord. Just speak peace over it, Lord. Touch her with your physical touch and cause her tummy to be still and feel better. Bring peace to her tonight Lord Jesus.