Friday, November 21, 2008

Boles High School PALS

I just had to devote a post about the Boles High School PALS. This leadership class is taught by Becky Hawkins. Becky says that part of being a leader is learning how to serve your community. This group of high school students brought $1000 in Wal-Mart cards to the Panters the first week of Emily's crisis. Can you believe that? Becky contacted me this past week and said their school had a poster printer and wondered if they could get photos of the Panter children so they could make poster-sized photos of the kids to hang in Emily's hospital room! By the time I found this email (I'm not fond of gmail---too hard to see new emails!), Becky had already contacted Paula Kiser who is the Panter's neighbor--and also a teacher. Paula went over and photographed each child and then Becky and the PALS made posters of the kids. She said that Lily's poster was life-sized---and they showed so much detail. After Becky & the PALS made the posters, Paula brought them home to Luke. I'm sure they're already hanging in Emily's room.
Becky told me that the PALS are also providing a complete Christmas for 5 other families this year. They also care for an older woman that they've helped for 2 years. You could hear her pride of this group of kids! I just wish the news media would pick up this story---it's a story everyone needs to hear to be encouraged!! Thank you, PALS, for all you're doing. It sounds like you have an incredible future ahead of you! I've asked Becky for a picture of this group---and when I get it, I'll be posting it on here for you to see!

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Kim said...

Thank you to these awesome kids for blessing our family. It's encouraging to see that there are teens out there who are serving and thinking of others above themselves. You guys are incredible!