Saturday, November 29, 2008

The kids...and Janis leaving

Luke said the reunion of Emily and her children was wonderful!! They had a great visit together. The kids were so excited to see her and Emily was relieved to see them. And NO ONE got sad as they left. Thank you so much for praying over that issue!! God is so good. Luke said they plan to visit often now that Emily is in a regular room.
The kids were also excited about the Christmas tree that greeted them when they got home. Luke said it's been a little hectic as they've settled in to their house once again.
Would you please be praying for Janis (Emily's mom) as she prepares to leave in a couple of weeks? Mike & Janis have been planning a trip to Germany for over a year to see their son and his family. They had planned on going this time last year, but they were moving at that time and didn't get to go. Jason & his family have lived in Germany for 2 years and it will be 2 more years before they come back to the states. So I know Janis is anxious to see those 4 precious grandkids who live there! They've been so unsettled about whether to go after this happened to Emily, but now that she's doing so well, they will be going. Janis will need to go home (to Albuquerque) a few days before they leave for Germany to help get things ready. In the meantime, she wants to help Luke get all the help set up for while she's gone and get things ready for Emily's eventual homecoming. So I know there's a lot on her mind---even though she's anxious to see her family in Germany, she's anxious in another way about leaving Emily and her family. I think Janis' set date to leave is December 12. So if you can help with meals on Dec. 12 and for 2-3 weeks after that, just sign up on the calendar.
Thank you, too, for those who continue to help the Panter family financially. You just can't imagine the expenses Luke has of driving between home, the hospital and his parent's home in the country. And then there are the expenses of staying at the hospital and eating out, etc. So your help is very much appreciated!! You are a blessing.
We'll let you know of any needs that will be coming up as Janis prepares to leave. Thank you for wanting to help!!

Ecclesiastes 4:10
"If one falls down, his friend can help him up. But pity the man who falls and has no one to help him up!"


Anonymous said...

I am praying, as I always do, that everything will work out perfectly!!!

amy wright said...

I just caught up on everything today and I am so excited by the news! I know you were relieved to see the kids and that they were relieved to see you! We are still praying for you.

Anonymous said...

Praise to God, our Father! I give thanks to Him for the miracles He has performed in Emily's recovery. It has been a long road for her and Luke and those who love them and, I'm sure especially for Janis. I understand that there is still a way to go before Emily is 100%, but I know God will provide for this family.
My prayers will also be with Janis and Mike as they make this trip to visit their son and family in Germany in a few weeks and that they will know that Emily, Luke and the kids will be in God's perfect care. May Janis find the rest she needs in these next few days. My prayers are in the name of our Precious Savior, Jesus Christ!

Becky Dietz said...

I'm thrilled that you got to see your kiddos yesterday!! And I'm excited that it will become a regular thing for them to come see you. That will be awesome---good motivation to get home, huh? I'm praying for you today! Love you bunches!

Linda Clark said...

I will continue praying for Emily and her recovery. God is so good. Janis you will be in my prayers as you prepare to leave in a few weeks and then off to Germany. I pray God's answers your prayers and that each of you will have a peace. Luke I continue to pray for you that you get the needed rest and strength you need. Love The Clarks

The Burk's said...


I am so happy that you got to see and visit with your babies. I know that it was good medicine for your heart! :) You're such an awesome mother. My prayer for you now is to get home as soon as you can to your family. Take care of yourself.